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  1. Hey,

    just a little library I wrote for myself for Netty Client <-> Server communication, which may be useful for someone:

    It handles all stuff like encoding, decoding, Event-Handling. The PacketBuffer could also be used for PluginMessages.

    Example Packet structure:
    Code (Java):
    public class TestPacket extends Packet {

        private UUID uuid;

        // no-args-constructor is required for packet construction
        public TestPacket() {

        public void read(PacketBuffer packetBuffer) {
            uuid = packetBuffer.readUUID();

        public void write(PacketBuffer packetBuffer) {

        public UUID getUuid() {
            return uuid;

        public TestPacket setUuid(UUID uuid) {
            this.uuid = uuid;
            return this;
    The Event-System is straight forward and annotation based:

    Code (Java):

    // Simple example, when TestPacket is received, dump the data and source.
    // ChannelHandlerContext is an optional parameter
    public void onPacketReceive(TestPacket packet, ChannelHandlerContext ctx) {
       System.out.println("Received " + packet.getUuid().toString() + " from " +;
    More examples can be acquired from the readme and the unit tests. Otherwise, it should be quite self explanatory.
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  2. Lack of description resources.
  3. I disagree- look at his There's tons of documentation/example code to supplement what he described here. Although it may be beneficial to put some of that here.
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  4. Why he didn't write it here, so I wrote it for lack of explanation.
  5. explanation is one click away, please
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  6. I understand your concerns. I have added rough examples and explanations and referred to the repository for more stuff.