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  1. Hello,
    I have a bungee network with 5 servers. They are all being hosted on MC Pro Hosting. MCPro has ddos protection on all their servers. I was wondering if I moved my servers to my server room and kept the bungee on MCPro would I need to by DOS or DDOS protection?
  2. So you are going to move your 5 servers and home host it or do you have a dedicated box in a data center. From what I know, only the bungee cord really needs ddos protection because you can't find out the IP of the servers running under bungeecord since the IP to the server ( leads to only the proxy.

    Also this should be moved to server administration.
  3. What if someone does find out the IP, then what? You can't rely on the mere thought that "nobody is gonna find it out anyway". While it's true that the BungeeCord servers should have the best DDoS protection, not protecting the other servers would not be the greatest idea.
  4. How would someone find the ip?
  5. If the backend (spigot servers) are in the server room but your bungee is being keept at mcph the bungee will get attacked but not the backends.

    I'd recommend you to have it in a datacenter instead of your home
    Getting the IP is easy if you have the config or a plugin is malicious but overall it might happen but not so fast if you do it perfect
    By using several bypasses and such
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  6. Yes, an IP may not be found that simple, but I wouldn't not protect my server by the fact that "nobody is probably gonna find out". I'd rather spend a little more on some servers that could survive than hoping that nobody finds the IP :p