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Network Lockups

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by Intelli, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. Intelli


    Well, I was mocked when I attempted to report this to md_5 in the IRC chat.

    However, as it makes Spigot completely unusable for me, I'm going to take another shot at reporting it.

    The issue:

    An exploit is being used to completely lock up our Spigot server, making it unusable (I assume it's from locking up all the network threads)

    This is being purposely done against our server. A video of the guy doing the attack can be found here:

    And again here:

    Here's a screenshot of the attack in progress: http://userfolio.com/uploads/images/clip1890309_17Kb.png

    Isn't this just someone flooding your server? How is this a Spigot issue?

    The server locking up is the issue, and is exclusive to Spigot.

    I've been forced to switch to Craftbukkit #2704 as Spigot is presently unusable for me. Craftbukkit is working perfectly (although performance isn't nearly as great as Spigot with a hundred players online)

    The flood is still ongoing with Craftbukkit. However, nothing locks up, and it just does the standard graceful "<IP> lost connection": http://userfolio.com/uploads/images/clip9456848_4Kb.png

    Are you sure this isn't being caused by some terrible plugin you coded?

    I presently can't even start up the server using Spigot. As soon as I attempt to launch the server, the flood starts and locks it up, before any worlds can even be loaded. Here's a screenshot of this in action: http://userfolio.com/uploads/images/clip1864801_17Kb.png

    When did this start? Are you using a broken version of Spigot?

    This just started last night, when I was using build #617. When the issue occurred the first time, we updated to #716, hoping it would be resolved. However, it's still occurring.


    Hopefully this can be seen as a valid issue. I'll gladly provide any additional information you guys may need to resolve this. The snide remarks in the IRC channel were not appreciated.

    More information about the attack can be found in the provided YouTube video, where he claims he'll be providing a download link for the program/script shortly.

  2. Intelli


  3. Puremin0rez


    This should theoretically be fixed in 736 but it looks like the connection throttling in it is causing players to have trouble logging in so try with caution.