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  1. Should i try home hosting my Minecraft server? I think my ISP does provide DDOS protection anyway.

    My computer specs and Internet and upload speeds are as follows:

    Intel i7 4790k
    16GB RAM
    2 TB Storage
    Asus Motherboard
    Internet download and upload speed: 500 mbps

    I want to host factions, creative, semi vanilla, and hub. (I will expand more as I get more donations)

    I can upgrade the ram to 32 or 64 GB. But do I need to upgrade my intel processor for better performance or is this good enough?
  2. Strahan


    It's highly unlikely that your ISP provides DDoS protection. Your specs are fine. Most residential internet providers have terms of service that disallow the operation of servers. Granted, the odds of getting caught are probably slim but if they are anal about it they may block the ports.

    What ISP is it?
  3. No you should not. You did once.