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  1. Hey everyone. Currently I'm working on a tool, called "NetworkManager". It helps you managing your Minecraft Servernetwork. It'll start every server automatically and, so you can start the whole network with one click. Also, it helps you to exchange data between your (game-) servers. Here is a list of features (f means allready available):
    • start every server (f)
    • stop every server (f)
    • receive gameserver data and send it to lobbyservers (f)
    • lobbyplugin, which updates join-signs (available soon)
    • client gui software which allows you to get access to each gameserver console and control the network (I'm working on that now)
    • manually adding new servers to the network (f)
    • gamemode control (e.g. stop all SurvivalGames server) (f)
    • faster than every BungeeCord plugin (f)
    • statistics system
    • many other features
    • dynamic start of new game servers as needed
    How does it work?
    Once you downloaded the ZIP-file, extract it and you'll get a folder called NetworkManager. In it, there are some files. In the files ending with .server you need to enter the path for each server an the start command, just like in the example (example.server).

    Code (Text):
    E:\testserver: java -jar -Xmx1024M spigot.jar
    This will start a spigot server (file must exist) in E:\testserver with 1 GB RAM. It's not important which server is in which file, that's only for you, this is more clear.

    For developers:
    Every gameserver needs to login at the network manager. To do this, use this code in your onEnable()-Method:

    Code (Java):
    [1] System.out.println("@networkmanager%0%login%0%lobby");

    [2] System.out.println("@networkmanager%0%login%0%<gamemode>");
    Using number [1], the NetworkManager will view the specific server as a lobbyserver. Using number [2], you can set the gamemode (e.g. SurvivalGames) manually. So, in general, this is how you can send commands to the networkmanager:

    Code (Text):
    You'll receive data from the NetworkManager just via a normal console command.

    I'll post a list of all finished NetworkManager commands soon... ;)

    At the moment, this isn't open source, MAYBE i'll publish it on GitHub later... If you have any question or suggestions, just tell me... ;)

    Download: [I'll post a link in a few hours, I need to translate everything into english]

    By the way, sorry for my bad english. Please tell me every mistake I did, I'm still learning english... ;-)
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  2. Hey!
    The few hours are over I think.. ;-)
    Do you still plan to provide a download link?
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  3. Good thread, but where is the plugin?:(
  4. wait, I invite you to the early-beta-test-reasons-why-im-so-lazy-i-want-to-know-more-about-this-conversation...
  5. H├Ąttest du nicht Lust bei diesem Projekt zu helfen? Brauche dringend welche, da ich quasi alleine daran arbeite und auch noch anderes zu tun habe...
  6. Sorry. Here you find everything:
  7. Nice, look at Private Message.;):)
  8. please help me, I want to change the speed menu update I put 14 too fast I put 15 not updated