Never ever buy GGServers [Review]

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by o355, Sep 27, 2015.

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  1. This is a review/warning to everyone out there to pretty much never use GGServers!

    Review score: 1/5
    Ease of use: 3/5
    Actual hardware: -3/5
    Lag: -12/3

    So let's start with the backstory. I get DDosed on my home hosted server, and decided to move to GGServers. I grabbed the Iron Plan, and the dedicated IP for $12/month, with 3 GB of RAM.

    Ordering the server was easy as normal, and it took 1 minute to set up. I got FTP working, then uploaded all my server files, took around 45 minutes. I launch the server, and it's lagging bad. TPS, around 18, and let me remind you I have 55 plugins, 20 worlds. My home server on 2 GB of RAM worked flawlessly. There were times that I tried to join, and the server crashed. The control panel legit froze up when I started my server, and of course that took 1 minute to start up. In the end, the server crashed way too much, even with optimized worlds/plugins.

    I then cancelled my server, about 8 hours later. Best part right here. It says I'm gonna get a 24 hour money back guarentee! Never did for my $9 for the server itself, and it's been 2 months. You can call this a scam, right?

    The support was fine, normal. But you had to send in a ticket to get a dedicated IP...dumb enough I guess.

    In the end, I've moved to MCPH. Best hosting ever, even though it's pricey (what was I thinking? It's not the best...)

    And that's why you never get GGServers. Unless you want an SMP server, that's all GG is useful for. A fair warning to all Spigot members to never use GGServers.

    JPizFulFulFul's GG Experience:

    GGServers is the absolute worst company ever. In my own opinion, all of their staff and owners should be thrown in jail for this scam. I had purchased a server based on positive reviews I stumbled upon, which I could most likely tell were probably paid for. I purchased a server, and was actually surprised by the easy setup process of them taking my money and emailing me an order confirmation. I had to wait an hour to even be given credentials to anything. After that, they have to “activate” some addons I purchased, such as changing slots & a dedicated IP. I had an okay experience, until I was no longer able to edit any files, and found my files suddenly being emptied. I filed a support ticket, and it took over 12 hours to respond. They responded with a basic apology and saying I now have to delete me server for a new account to be activated on a different server node. At that point, I asked them to refund my money, which they refused. They had stated some claims that I supposedly agreed to, and then proceeded to terminate my account, leaving some account credit, which is totally useless to me, as I will NEVER be using their service again. GGServers is a total scam. Don’t make the mistake I made.

    From the looks of it, here's the ESTIMATED rating:
    Ease of use: 2/5
    Support: -3/5
    Refunds: -99/5
    Reliability: -7/5
    Final rating: -27/5
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  2. ummm are you sure its not that you had 20 worlds on a shared host? Usually all shared hosts will be laggy with stuff that like such, lets not even go to the fact that its ggservers and they already have a horrible rep.

    Btw ive used them before, they dont even give you a refund just account credit its bs
  3. lol
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  4. Alright noted: Don't buy a server here.
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  5. MCPH is not the "best hosting ever"

    They oversell for one thing, not even gonna go into detail, too tired.
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  6. If his opinion is that it's the best, that's fine.

    Usually hosts make up for the cheap prices per gb by overselling, that's why I don't really recommend them to people.
  7. They have always been fine for small testing servers for me, but I'd never used a shared host for anything more than that.
    What did you really expect from a cheap shared host like this?
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  8. There are so many issues with your post.

    Firstly, 55 plugins and 20 worlds. What did you think was going to happen? An overcrowded node with probably fairly poor specs to begin with could run 20 world without even a little bit of lag?

    Secondly, it took one minute to start up primarily because you have 20 worlds! Which all have to be loaded!

    Finally for now, you said you moved to MCPH. No.
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  9. I feel like if at MCProhosting his server is running fine, and on GGServers he has bad performance, I guess its good to say MCPH has better performance. Obviously, since its more expensive.

    I'm not denying that he has way too many worlds and plugins though. However if its working without lag, I guess its good to go.

    However, It will probably start lagging sometime in the near future so I don't recommend it.
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  10. I run approximately 20-30 plugins with 2 worlds loaded on my 4GB OVH VPS. It generally doesn't lag unless I'm going through portals. Also, I'm using engine mode 2. But, There's been times where I've managed to make the server lag. I can't imagine running 20 worlds with or, without any plugins installed on a shared host. You may as well as thrown your money in the garbage if you thought a shared host could run your setup.
  11. joehot200


    Everyone already knows GGServers is complete crap. I'm not sure why you went with them in the first place, but it's good to see that you're contributing to their bad reputation. I hate it when hosts like these scam people. :/

    "You get what you pay for", I guess.
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  12. GeorgeHousley123


    Over priced shit. But their dedicated servers are ok if they resell SS.
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  13. Buy a dedicated server if you decided to start up a network. Don't buy things with GG or SUPER! ...
  14. the fact that u had 55 plugins and 20 worlds and your server from ggservers actually is suprising http://************
  15. Oh my god, I'm cringing so hard.

    You give a bad server from a bad company 55 plugins and 20 worlds and expect it to be amazing, then you move to another crappy host with overpriced, bad servers and claim it's amazing.

    *head moves back into shell*
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  16. Its not hacked just a similar website, and ************
  17. What are you even talking about. xD
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  18. I saw this and literally said "yep, like we didn't know that we shouldn't order from them already"
  19. GGServers is easily the worst I've ever used. Poor performance, and when I ordered the wrong tier, they would not refund me after ordering the correct tier.

    Huge pass. They're completely worthless.

    Just get a dedicated Core™ i5-3570S KS-4 from Kimsufi. It's way cheaper than these bozos, and very well performing.

    GGServers...what a bunch of clowns.
  20. The mailing/billing list was hacked before according to another spigot post, forgot the link.
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