Never ever buy GGServers [Review]

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by o355, Sep 27, 2015.

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  1. Alright, here's how dumb GGServers are. Here's a ticket I got from GG, stating the ways you could get a refund (they're really strict), with some markings.

    Hello Owen,

    When you ordered your service with us, you had to check a box labeled "I have read and agree to the Terms of Service." When you checked that box, you entered a contractual agreement with us, and in that contract the following clauses were stated: <<< Does anyone read the ToS?
    1) Minecraft servers are eligible for refunds within one twenty-four hour day of the creation of the server in our database, this point is not marked by the time at which your initial payment is processed and may differ by several hours or days. <<< Are there 25 hour days?
    2) All of our other services, including product addons are not eligible for a refund. <<< Wait, no refunds, or just for Minecraft?
    3) In addition to this non-monthly terms are non-refundable. <<< Oh, really?
    4) Cancellations To terminate your services you must cancel any PayPal subscriptions active and cancel via our WHMCS billing area at As GGServers does not have access to clients PayPal account we cannot and will not be responsible for unintended payments made from using the automatic payment subscription service.
    5) Any refund requests made within 24 hours of purchase will be honored, so long as it is the Customer's first time purchasing a product or service from Us. << HAHAHAHAHA they're never honored!
    6) This is the ONLY way refunds will be processed. <<< With what? Pixie dust?
    7) We reserve the right to terminate a client's services in the event of a charge dispute, despite the outcome of the dispute. <<< -____-

    Here is a description for each of those clauses for clarification:

    1) Refunds are only processed within 24 hours (1 day) of you pressing the "Complete Order" button in our checkout process and NOT 24 hours after you made the payment. <<< O RLY?
    2) Webhosting, Management, Dedicated Servers, and addons are non-refundable. <<< You're kidding me, right?
    3) If you bought your server on a term such as Quarterly, Semi-Annually, or Annually you are not eligible for a refund. <<< Oh nards!
    4) If you created a paypal recurring subscription on any of your invoices and you cancelled your service with us, but not the subscription we are not responsible for payments made by the subscription and they will not be refunded. <<< Yea.
    5) You can only request one refund from us. If you have more than one service eligible for a refund you must only choose one service to be refunded. If we find another account related to you, a refund will not be issued. <<< ----______------
    6) Refunds will not be processed any other way. <<< With what? Pixie dust?
    7) If you open a dispute/chargeback with PayPal or your other means, your service will be terminated, and will not be reactivated if you loose the dispute. <<< HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAA

    For one of the reasons/clauses above, you will not be getting a refund. These reasons/clauses are not open for debate/argument and if a debate/argument is started, the ticket will be closed.

    I actually meet all the required things, here's the proof:
    1. I requested the refund within 8 hours.
    2. I bought a Minecraft server.
    3. I did monthly billing.
    4. Didn't create a recurring subscription
    5. Requested only one
    6. ???
    7. I didn't lol

    Best Regards,

    Jadon Mayhew
    Support Services and Operations Manager

    Alright GG.
  2. Sadly I was one of their first users. Quit first month....
  3. Made by mojang. Its a secure vanilla server. Bad price but secure for YT and such. Not a scam
  4. Was a joke ;P
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  5. haha. I had a friend who thought someone stole the mojang domain thought it was a scam!
  6. XD
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  7. Don't ever use GGServers i got scammed for around 500$ i purchased a custom plan though.
  8. Who would ever spend $500 with GGServers? :eek:
    And why?
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  9. what the necro
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  10. my brain was gone for vacactions for that time when i was spending 500$ with GGservers.
  11. I use it and it works fine
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  12. Lol
  13. -.-
  14. You act like i'm lying or something.
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  15. Don't even get me started on GGservers -.-
  16. GGServers offer service like no other (Literally).. :cool:
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  17. 2muchggserversreviews4me
  18. I have NEVER had a problem with GGservers. Shockbyte on the other hand is a different story.
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  19. Well I thought that GGServers where already a no no
  20. Could you elaborate on your problems with Shockbyte. I don't generally like to base things of hearsay but with GGServers, there is simply too many complaints to even make me want to try it myself. Shockbyte should be fine so long as you aren't looking for quick support as from what I hear it can be slow.
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