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  1. Hey there!
    I am Guus, one of the owners of Realm Of Lothiredon - an as of now, small server with a lovely small community. Now, we are developing a pretty big RPG which will stand out from the others, why I can't say, because other people might run off with the idea ;)

    Anyways, at the moment we opened a small server so the builders and the two owners can work on the RPG in the background, while for other people, they can build on plots and play some custom-coded KitPvP with nice arenas. I know that KitPvP is something that nearly every server has, so we can't really grow using that.
    My main concern is how difficult it is to get players to actively join your server. We advertise on Planet Minecraft and MineCraft Servers. We are even on the first page on the creative-servers on Planet Minecraft, but players still have no interest in joining, because I assume they just go for the biggest server.

    I was wondering if we can all together maybe figure out some new advertisement tactics to get players to join more, without the usual "standing out" and other well-known ideas.

    If you want to check out the server for yourself so you can give tips based on our server talking builds, activities et cetera, you can here:

    Here are some of the builds as well.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. World Edit seems to attract more people. (If you give it out, for voting or like even for free)
  3. It says I need to use 1.9.2 when I am using 1.9.4 I am not sure but isn't it supposed to be compatible

  4. No 1.9.4 is not compatible with 1.9.2, unless you use protocol spoofers and stuff like that
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  5. Noted that.
  6. We do give out WorldEdit yes, but you need to rank up once first. Rank ups are based on the quality of the first plot, but to be fair, it's easy to get. It just gives players something to work towards, and I thought that would keep them on for longer.
  7. Just a tip of the RPG server, make sure it is recognised and the server name is easy to spell and the gamemode is easily understandable. The amount of RPG servers that are too complicated for the 11-14 year old target market is unreal. I am just letting you know so you don't make the mistake.
  8. Thank you. Yes, we are planning to have certain zones, if that makes sense. The player starts outside of a city probably, in a village. The bare game mechanics will be discussed there, a bit like tutorial island in RuneScape. From there thing would get more complicated, giving the player time to get used to the system and maybe experiment with it.
    Thanks for the advice!