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  1. As you can probably see from my profile I am very new here.. I have been working for a bit on my first ever server and I guess im what you would call a noob at it lol. I consider myself fairly good at computers but I have a few questions.

    What are some good plugins that are must haves for starting servers? (common plugins/ plugins big servers use)

    How can I protect my ip adress...
    I have been looking at youtube videos and know how to change my ip to a custom DNS, which I believe will be a bit safer. (at least im not just giving random strangers my exact ip numbers)

    But I know there are still easy ways to get someones ip. Im hoping there is a free program out there that can help me but if there isint im willing to pay under $50-$60.

    Im very new so looking through the fourms i see words like DDos, PINGing, and VPNs but arnt super sure what it all means so please dumb down you answers best you can lol.

    THANKYOU soo much for reading and have a nice day! :)

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  2. Fug i wrote alot of stuff

    Simple answer: You cant

    Long answer: you can but it would involve setting up some stuff that beginners are unlikely to be able to do by themselves, most common way ive seen it done is to run a proxy or a reverse proxy on a server nearby the main one and in a way hide the real IP address using vpn tunnels or even just bungee level proxying, however these methods arent fool proof and are kinda a pain to run and maintain if something breaks and you dont know what you're doing

    This gives you absolutely 0 protection, giving someone would be just the same as giving someone the ip it points at for example, in basic set ups, dns can be badly simplified to saying, hello server i would like to visit this address "" and the dns server you use will reply to you saying oh hey fam let me hook you up with that, the IP for that site is use that and you should be good and then your service or game connects to the IP address it was given by dns

    For that amount you would be far better off buying a cheap dedicated server in a data center with proper infrastructure to run your server off of, but to give you an easy answer, it doesnt matter how much of a code wizard you are, no program or plugin you can run on your minecraft server will hide your ip from the end user trying to connect to you, the internet simply doesnt work that way, and trying to hide it via the few kinda memey setups that do work can introduce more problems than its worth as well as increasing latency for clients joining making the server less fun to play on

    its pretty simple,

    A DDOS attack is a denial of service, think of it as someone flooding your server with fake information that overwhelms things making real users unable to join and play

    a PING is the time it takes to go between you(the user) and the minecraft server(the machine its on) usually measured in ms, if you were say playing in new york and wanted to play on a server in ovh data centers in france, you could expect a ping of between 70-120ms on average which is about .1 to .15 of a second, not a lot but its noticeable to the human eye

    a VPN is a virtual private network, think of it like a network at home but instead of it using physical ethernet cables to go from your pc to the device you want to connect to, it uses a virtual cable handled in software that can run over the internet, so for all intents and purposes, you and a friend on the other side of the world could link your computers together on the same ip block like say and without needing to be in the same building or even the same country, thats a really bad example but it explains kind of the basic principle of a common thing that they can be used for.

    my advice if your server is meant to be public for people to play on, get a host or a dedicated server somewhere close to you or if you dont mind ping, look for decent cheap servers that are within your budget and weigh up your options, the IP address that it uses will be used pretty much for nothing except the minecraft server and unless you piss off some 12 year old skiddie you're not likely to be at any risk aslong as you secure the stuff on your server and keep it updated, paid minecraft hosts even remove the middle man on that and all you need to do is pay them and use their panels and guides to help you run stuff while they do all the box monkey work that can sometimes be tedious
    Don't home host unless you really know what you're doing and know how to protect yourself both attacks and have the infrastructure to keep a server online and with enough bandwidth to serve players.
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  3. THANKYOU SOOO MUCH!!! thanks for taking the time to write all that it helps a TON.. looks like ill find a host or dedicated server.. a host manages the server for you right??

    thanks again very helpful!
  4. If you know what you're doing with linux, it would be better to get a cheap dedi from someone like say OVH or something like that since the hardware you get vs the price is much better than if you wanted something similar from and minecraft host, but if you just throw into google minecraft hosts you will find a bunch of different things, dont jump for the first one you see read what they offer because some offer great deals but have shitty hardware or over load their servers, so read custom reviews or anything like that before you order anything, theres a whole section on the spigot forums related to that if you scroll down its called Hosting Advice