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  1. Hi everyone,
    I recently set up my latest offering to the Minecraft community in the form of a blog - Minecraft Marketing.

    The aim is to write about ways in which to generate interest in your server, build a strong community of dedicated players and to eventually increase donations.

    I've just posted my first article, which will be the first of many:
    Server Donations: An Introduction to Donor Relationship Management

    This post covers the Basic Principles of Donor Relationship Management, which are:
    1. Stop Asking
    2. Learn about your players
    3. and a few more ;)

    I go into detail about each one, so head over and check it out!

    Let me know what you think either on here, or in the comments section of the post.

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    1. Pointing them in the right direction is good, spamming is bad.

    2. Playing with them?
    I wouldn't have time to do anything else, even if I restrict it to my donors.
    Considering they all want to play different games.
    This can be useful for smaller servers I guess, but once you get to a certain point you won't be able to do this as often.

    3. My players start raging 2mins after they donate that they don't have the items yet.
    You want me to tell them to wait for a staff member to give it to them?
    Ha, that's crazy...

    4. Never will I sell admin/mod, don't care how much they offer.

    DRM = The most hated initials by gamers. ;)
    Digital rights management

    I hope this is to keep your server alive and not make pure profit like every new server owner has their mind set to.
    Those usually fail or end up being on PMC asking for free hosting.
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  3. 2. Playing with them
    - If you're running a big server or a network, then fair enough. However, I'm not saying that you necassarily have to do it yourself - get your Mods and Admins to do it as well. But yes, it is more appropriate for smaller servers (you engaging with them directly), and the aim of that is to turn them into your regular and reliable playerbase, who all know you personally and may even consider donating in the future, if they know and trust you. I donated $5 to a server and bought one a diamond kit from their online store the last week, and I'd been there a few weeks. One of the owners was around quite a bit when I first started on the server, and he even asked me how I was doing - extra points to him.

    3. Thanking/giving items
    - This is an interesting one that I've been given mixed views on. Some say that it's an absolute must (giving the items), but they were predominantly small server owners, so it was easy to do, even if it was one of the staff.
    If you're a big server, then giving the items personally probably isn't feasible, and you'll already have a shop plugin (e.g. BuyCraft) set up, so no need to change the status quo
    With regards to actually thanking people though, when I donated and bought from that server last week, I didn't get a single word of thanks. The only notice I got was when I asked one of the Mods why there wasn't a Diamond Hoe in the kit, which I quickly realised wasn't part of the package, which is fair enough, as an iron hoe is sufficient for most farming anyway. The lack of thanks for buying the package wasn't a kill, but it would have been nice. However, I checked the donation list on their site, and I was the only non-Owner that had donated since the server had begun a few months back. That's a big deal for server owners, seeing that the organic donations are finally coming in. Did I get a word of thanks, or any acknowledgement? Nope. I actually found that a bit rude, as I'd given $5 for no benefits or items (there isn't supposed to be anything), out of my own pocket, because I believe the server will do well, and the Owners didn't even acknowledge it. No points for the Owners.
    All I'm saying, is that if someone donates/buys either a large amount, or it's one of the first donations on a new server, especially if there are no benefits/items, you should just say thank you. That's all it takes!

    4. Selling admin/mod
    Good. Only idiots sell Mod/Admin ranks, because they see dollar/pound/euro signs and become a gibbering heap.

    DRM - yes, that did occur to me after I published the post.... I think I may need to come up with a new phrase for that!

    RE: your last line - is that directed at me, or at server owners in general? I do have a server, but it's quiet and I've left it to an MC friend who runs it for me. At some point I do intend to step in and introduce my strategies, but I haven't had the time! o_O

    Glad you liked the post, make sure you subscribe to new post updates as well ;)
  4. Its all fun and games until you have 2,500 players online on your server and 100 of them are donators... Ontop of that you have 15 separate servers linked together.

    Thanking donators directly is basically impossible then:eek:
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  5. Outlaw11A


    Nice looking blog.
  6. Set it up with loads of messages, all thanking the player, then when they donate send them the mail automatically, they may think it is you.
  7. If you don't thank them at all, then I'm sorry, but that's just lazy. If you can't make the time to even acknowledge their interest and trust in your server and your expertise as a server owner, you should make time because not acknowledging it is pretty rude, in my opinion.

    If for some legitimate reason you're truly unable to make the time to thank your donors, this could be an option. I'm not particularly keen on it, but I admit that it is a solution.

    Imagine you walk into some sort of charitable donations place, or came across a beggar on the street (i.e. the server). If you gave them $20 of your hard earned money, because you want the charity or the beggar to do well and make something of themselves (in this case, the server doing well and expanding), and they didn't even say thank you, or even grunt in acknowledgement, what would you think? Imagine if you went into the charitable donations place, and it was just a line of people with cash in their fists, being herded along by the staff to the donations box, and once you drop your money in, you're moved out of the way to allow for the next donor, without a word of thanks. What would you think then?

    This is how I see a lot of servers operating at the moment, and it really needs to change.
  8. I get up to 50 donations per day, and im not even online all day. anyways, my current donators and players like to thank people who donate. Usually when I see a donations broadcast on the server, I see a few people say thanks.
  9. And that's exactly how it should be done!
  10. "playing with them" Yeah sure, as soon as the game starts, I they all go after me.
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    Kill the owner and get brownie points!
    Then spam about it for a couple of minutes.

    Happens every time. :mad:
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