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  1. Hey guys,
    It seems that Spigot has been having worse performance with builds 465+. Is anybody else experiencing this? Seems to happen with more players.
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    Performance varies depending on what your players do. And of course more players worsens performance. I don't really recall a Spigot build ever having worse performance than in the past, especially when nothing changes. If you can point me to a specific change you think increased the 'lag' then I can investigate it more.
  3. These issues seemed to have came after build 465. I tried build 467 when it was released and noticed worse performance when I was at 300+ players. After I figured that, I downgraded to 465 again, and was running it for a while now. I just noticed that there was a "promoted" build and I decided to give it a try, and see how it works, and it had the same issues. Heres the TPS results from each build

    465, 350 players (taken before update)

    485, 343 players

    Its quite strange tho, sometimes, it will just go back up to 20 TPS and run like that for about 1/2 a minute and then drop again. For example, about 20 seconds before taking this picture, with 330 players, it was 20 TPS.

    Edit: Heres an extra screenshot
    I also believe after build 465 was when you just tried to fix "Mob spawning issues"
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