New Bungee Problems?

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  1. Hello, so before i get a spam of messages let me just say that yes, my hub is the first server in my priorities list and force_default_server is enabled. I have a big network with a lot of forced hosts. Recently when i put in my domain ( it isnt always taking me to my hub. Sometimes it takes me to my survival server which is second in the priorities list. This is very weird because it never use to do this. Or at least not as often. I NEED this to stop ASAP! There is an ip for survival like all my other servers but it still sometimes doesnt go to the hub. It is about a 75% success rate with some times being better than others. My second issue is that sometimes my hand is on the left of my screen. This has happened on multiple of my servers with multiple people, which leads me to think Bungee is causing it. I have recently upgraded and am running the latest version of bungee.

    Pls help
  2. I would put survival out of the priority list and put lobbies there only.

    The left handedness is a client thing as far as I know. Unsure why it changes by itself. Do you maybe have a key set to make hands switch and you clicked it by accident?
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  3. nope, it is happening on all the servers with multiple people. Some who dont even hack
  4. Is there any plugin that could be causing it? Could you please post the plugin list?