New Exhaustion Reason

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  1. I have searched the source code about EntityExhaustionEvent and ExhaustionReason.
    I want to add a new reason to it (For example shooting arrow will be an exhaustion event)
    but I'm kinda new to Java and not sure if I could just add a reason to it by creating a new Event that extends EntityExhaustionEvent and create an nested enum
    Code (Text):

    public class ShootingEvent extends EntityExhaustionEvent {

      public enum ExhaustionReason {



         (other original enum type),

         // The new enum

    Or do I have to do something to toggle the exhaustion event?

    btw is it possible to change the exhaustion level for some original event?
    For example something similar
    Code (Text):

    if(player.getInventory.getItemInMainHand() == something && player.isSprinting()) {
      player.setExhaustion(getExhaustion(SRPINT) + 0.1);

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