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  1. It's not possible to do HWID punishments using bukkit only without having the player run either a mod, custom client, or another external jar.
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    It isn't so much the fact that you can spoof it being the problem, it's that you need every player who joins to download a mod, so the only people you're getting are going to be friends or friends of friends.
  3. Depending if you want to play in a network where cheaters will not return.
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    Yes but that is too much of a hassle for 90-95% of the player base when there's thousands, if not tens of thousands, of other servers that won't force you to install some 3rd party software. You'd basically alienate your player base.
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  5. Edit: Salty kid silently rating this post 'creative' when everything in it can be verified with a quick search or by asking local friendly IT guy. Much amuse wow.

    Reading this thread made my head hurt.

    MAC Addresses are tied to the hardware of the network adapter.

    Drives can be IDed.

    OS can be IDed.

    All of these are invisible to a device outside the LAN and must be provided by a trustworthy source inside. Anyone can just provide a fake ID.

    Trying to permban people is a completely futile endeavor and always will be, unless the ban is tied to a form of ID that cannot be duplicated or spoofed, and that is basically government only.
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  6. This is truly being optimistic. There are plenty of reasons why your idea is a bad one.

    1. Too easy to bypass (only one client developer needs to make a bypass)
    2. You obviously don't know what a MAC address is (meaning you should go do some research first)
    3. Rip playerbase
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  7. I know Mac adress and not it same. Try to avoid denying the knowledge of other people when I have only proposed a question and asked if it could be implemented.
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  8. Yes it is possible to implement (requires client-programs or mods), no it's not worth the time.
  9. For everyone not knowing what a HWID (HardwareID) is (source: google):
    What is hardware ID?
    The Hardware ID (HWID) is a set of numbers and letters (capital letters only) that uniquely identify your computer to any of our software. The HWID is made out of eighteen (18) characters e.g. 098H52ST479QE053V2 and it is used to unlock (register) our software in a computer.

    so it has nothing todo with
    1. The Drive letter (C:, etc).
    2. The MAC (00:80:41:ae:fd:7e, etc.)

    But this still dosn't solve any of the other issues with this attempt.

    Other explanation:
    Hardware identification (HWID) is a method used by the Windows operating system (OS) to identify the hardware platform on which it is installed.
  10. Yes, but where installed windows? in C: :p
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  11. Takes roughly 10 seconds to spoof on windows.

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  12. This reminds me of those flatearth conversations people have on the internet.
    And I will do the same .. time to walk away. #ciao
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  13. Go ahead, ban all software running in C:\

    Should be hilarious.

    Not to mention cloning to another drive takes about 5-20 minutes.
  14. not really, i renamed the drive. also if i would so something like hacking i would use a virtual machine for it.
  15. I see that instead of helping to find solutions, you like more trying to make fun of someone.

    Well, I just wanted to look for ways to keep moving forward in the cheating ban.

    Thanks to those who in good faith helped and clarified my doubts.
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  16. I m making fun of you for refusing to admit you dont understand the topic and doubling down on your insistence that what you are doing would actually work.

    I am sure someone that changed their opinion of what a MAC address is 3 times in a day knows something a multi-billion dollar industry does not, right?

    Oh, here is a cool idea: Why not run a legitimate server instead of one that allows pirate users with fake accounts? Then you can easily permban people!
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  17. If your server gets too popular, cheaters will buy illegally obtained minecraft accounts starting at 5-7ct per account on the internet :/
  18. Still takes them money and effort, joke is on them at that point.
  19. Bottom Line: HWID based bans would need some sort of client modification to tell the server the computers HWID. Besides, the HWID, etc. could easily be changed with registry tools like regedit. What would probably make more sense is getting the cpu serial number and
    using that. However, using emulation solutions like VMware would circumvent such a ban.

    This can't be done using the Spigot API / Minecraft client. No nms class contains a method to obtain such information from the end-user therefore, making this impossible without modification to the client software.

    For this to be possible, a player would need to download a jar or mod from the Internet that sends this value to the server.

    If this was possible without modification, bigger servers such as Hypixel would had already implemented such as feature, a developer would had already released a free version of this concept, etc.

    However, there is a client called Cheat breaker which has a similar concept in mind. But it may be difficult to obtain an api which would check if the end user has this client without being a popular server like MineHQ, etc.. Use of this client / concept would also ruin a servers playerbase. If I played a server that needed this, my first thing in mind would be that the file would be a virus and it isn't worth the risk. Also, I would generally be too lazy to download such a tool as a first player on a server.
  20. Photon


    The problem is that it doesn’t cost them enough money. The ~100 alt accounts you can get for around 5 Euros / 6 Dollars are sufficient for a ridiculously long time unless you can autoban his client. Let’s assume you have a great setup and are able to ban after approximately 5 minutes, thus the cheater will have 500 minutes or 8.34 hours of cheating time for just 5 euros. But he is certainly not the only one and it usually takes way longer than 5 minutes to ban someone.
    I would‘t consider switching alts an effort, most clients have an alt-manager anyways, which also provides buttons like „reconnect with random alt“.
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