New host idea?

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  1. I was thinking about some host idea.
    One idea was having a 1gb plan (Free forever) and 2gb plan 6-7$ and more plan ofc. But having a 1gb plan for Free to help out new people wanting to gart a servers? And to earn back the money put ads on the page?
  2. Having 1gb for free would be extremely cool, and this seems as a nice community friendly idea. But a 256/500mb ram for free would pretty much be enough for a free plan. And I'm not entirely sure what you mean, are you planning on making a hosting company or..?
  3. Im thinking on it. But i dont wanna be the guy like all other same price same panel etc. Im friends with a dev of a new panel soo I need idea to what I can do to make a hosting that is not like all the other.
  4. You might want to have like pre-setup servers, so when a player orders a server, they can choose a certain preset. For exemple they can have a server with already basic plugins installed, or a server with a certain terrain, a server that is factions/kitpvp ready...

    Good luck! :)
  5. Also, you shouldn't do free services, it's nice, but will only attract little children that'll quit using your hosting company after a while. You could however have free services as a promotion stunt or have very cheap services and good support :p
  6. That would be expensive tho....
  7. What would?
  8. Free hosting..
  9. Yes, ofc, that's why I also said this:
    But he also said something about financing that with advertisments, and he's just looking for unique ideas. I know there is a hosting company that has free hosting though, but it is very limited and the servers stop if you haven't been online in a certain amount of time.
  10. thats ......

    Multicraft has a setup option which may be usefull for preconfigured servers as a template.
  11. Well im thinking like 1gb free lifetime no que system etc. Like you can acces ftp etc like if you buy a 1gb server.
  12. If you look at MineCraft server hosting companies, a 1gb server costs about 10 usd/month. If you let people have free 1gb servers, you are basically throwing out $10/month for each person that registers for free.
  13. You also have cheaper ones, like shockbyte, that do it for $2,50 a month. Much more affordable :)
  14. He talking about more legitimate operations whose tend to pay their employees actual hourly wages. They also tend to deliver a more consistent and quality services than those charging significantly less.
  15. I just mentioned that there are cheap hosts. Didn't say anything about service. No reason to yell at me
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  16. Thanks you for the clarification and I was not intended to yell at you (was not typed in full caps which would be considered shouting). Simply was stating information why that poster said $10/GB.
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  17. There is no host that gives 1gb free, there could be, but I dont know any that gives free mb. only like 256 mb
  18. I never said that there is a host, im planning to start a hosting company and need ideas to make it diffrent than all the other ones.
  19. You could consider extended Plugins and Mods support servicing. This way your going above and beyond what's on the motherboards.