New host idea?

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  1. Hmm can you explain a bit more what you mean? :)
  2. In short think it as more of a "managed" Minecraft server vs. a simply "here your login go crazy with it" type of deal.

    In the long sense here what I meant by "extended".

    • Help users with their configurations files
    • Help users install and get the server up and running with their preferred plugins/mods and try to mitigate any problems as best as possible
    • xyz plugin/mod won't work? Why don't you also suggest an alternative plugin/mod that could get their tasks done if all possible. Instead of saying.. "this mod/plugin is broken so we has to disable it" and saying nothing else..
    • Import a map if they asks you and/or configure a world generation for them
    • Anything else you could think to give users a hand with setting up their Minecraft server(s) and even community if wanna go that far. :)
  4. We will have a livechat that helps with all of that stuff :)
    You nedd to renew hourly stuff. Im thinking something where you dont have to do that.
  5. Cool nice to see a company thinking in the right tracks. I would suggest you have some sort of deactivation system though for your free servicing line. This way you don't ends up with too many unused servers at a given time. I suggest you look into deactivating the servers should any that didn't have any active players for x amount of time (like every 3 days or something).
  6. Will be added :))
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