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    I feel we could benefit with a sub-forum for the topic Hosting Advice. It would be called something along the lines of involving a host representative making a very professional post on why you should go with them. They like pitch there reason for why there better than others. It was inspired to me by this (@danrew50) thread. It would be nice because you cant do that in the Hosting Advice thread. (against rules) Or you could just change the rules and allow this, but i think it would be best to have a sub-forum dedicated to just that. It would be nice to see what they think is what makes them good, then you can go see what we of Spigot thing about what there saying, and it would really help us make decisions on who to use.

    EDIT: I can't think of a good name for it yet...
    EDIT 2: @mattrick suggested Offering - Hosting


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    Are you talking about a place where hosting companies can show off their products etc?
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  3. Maybe Offering - Hosting? :p
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    I don't think this would happen, pretty sure md_5 doesn't want the forums to end up with dozens of hosts spamming their copy pasta threads everywhere like every other forum. Spigot is a development forum. I wouldn't want to see it happen either.

    Edit: Forgot to mention, but as a forum moderator, it would likely add a lot more reports.
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    Good idea. :p
    Good point... But it would only be in the sub-forum. So it wouldn't be anywhere else.
  6. This will turn into something like the MCForums hosting section, where every second host either resells OVH and puts too much clients on at once, or lasts about a week as their money runs out since people side with other hosts who are more reliable. All in all: a huge mess. I get that you could only put certified LLC businesses on it, but that requires more work on md_5's part and again will create an influx of people whose sole purpose will be just to stick around there rather than be part of the community.
    Also if there are many reports and forum complaints about mischievous clients/devs/designers/etc. then imagine the increase when these hosts come about...
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    Good point!
  8. Make it so that its a form that they have to fill out so they can't bot it and they can't simply and copy and paste it easily. Also make it so that they must have 20 posts at the minimum and must have had their spigot account for atleast 1 week. Maybe also add so that their website has to have been up for more than a month (you could use some sort of tracker). This is probably a horrible idea... xD
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    I like the forum idea, but make it like S&R altimaticaly invisible
    to public until approved.
  10. Oh yea didn't think of that. Great idea :).
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    Like @MikeA said, I don't see this doing a lot of good. Namely because a lot of "professional" hosting companies are run by children (see: summer hosts) and if someone can type up a convincing description thread, it doesn't mean much about the actual quality of their service. Plus, hosts will always want the negative posts in their thread removed, and then just get angry at us if we don't remove it. I don't think this is worth the trouble it brings. A forum like WebHostingTalk or another Minecraft-oriented forum would be the better place to do this, not here.
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    Again, like I said to MikeA, good point. I'm trying to think of a way around that.
  13. Not to sound rude, but I don't think any notion of this should appear on Spigot. The hosting advice is where (more or less) people independently express their experiences and suggest hosts. Getting hosts to come here and start going at threads of people wanting to find info about hosting saying "Choose us, we use only best E3 processors and can guarantee 99.99999999999% uptime for only $2.15 a month!"; that's not what anyone really wants, for them to clog up the forums with biased advertising. If you were to constrain this to only their thread in a section then why even bother as there would be more use in Spigot selling them advertising space than providing that space for free, as that's all the thread will be, one big advert. Again if people want to find hosts then by all means go to MC Forums or the ads on mc-market, but personally I think Spigot should be preserved free of all that monetary crap, the services & recruitment (plus paid resources) section causes enough problems as it is, having another headache wouldn't be helpful.
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    I agree with this perspective as well. At that point, it makes me start to ask, what are we: a community of people or a potential market for hosting companies to increase revenue and not contribute back to Spigot?
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  15. Maybe make it so your host has to meet certain requirements before you can post? e.g. You must be a registered company and you must have been around for at least 9 months?

    Oh and allow honest reviews on their threads. So if you want you can attack a host with a bad review and they can't do anything about it.

    I'm totally spamming this thread but the edit button won't work on my iPhone so if any mod fancies putting my posts together feel free.

    Anyway, maybe add Sub-Sub sections for different types of hosting. E.g. Shared Minecraft, dedicated, shared web, VPS.
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  16. The question isn't how much checks we can do it's why do them. Staff have enough issues with spammers, post farmers and other incidents without having to vet hosts and moderate that section (which if you look at mc forums can be a very nasty place).
    Next to honest reviews: how do we know who is being honest and who is doing something out of spite? A customer may say they are reviewing honestly but in reality can be doing it on a personal level having issues with the staff (that being just one example), while plugins are easier to see if they are false or actually faulty: hosting falls into a darker area.
    The sub-sub forum: not trying to sound smart but try get the hosting section itself passed before adding subsections to it. If the first idea fails then no subsections can appear from nothing.

    Also spigot is a community, I have high doubts hosts would want to be part of it, but just prefer to stay on their little dedicated rock. High ranking hosts won't want to bother with any conditions (like post counts) since they already have high notoriety in society, and minor hosts will be more impatient and try find shortcuts by spamming. Everyone will lose out as it will require staff to do more work, which again they have enough of.
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