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  1. Hello fellow Spigot Members and Staff

    I had an idea of some new categories of the wiki. At the minute the wiki is mainly orientated around Spigot which is understandable but I thought it would be nice to include other wiki treads to included Web Hosting, forum software etc. I know when I started out with Web Hosting there wasn't any really good tutorials, made by the minecraft community, on how to set up a custom website without using a webhoster like Enjin, don't get me wrong enjin are great by I like the idea of a standalone website.

    This could not only include web hosting but other sub wikis like Voice Hosting etc. This idea could be a great why to expand the community even further and help new players with issues they may encounter throughout their minecraft server career.

    Please post your ideas and thoughts and ideas on my suggestion

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    When I went on my reorganization spree last week, I actually kind of set up a template for this – there's been a few free-floating articles relating to miscellaneous server hosting tips and tricks, and I grouped them together under a single parent node.
  3. Oh ok I never knew this. How can we contribute to the wiki?
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    If you wish to write your own article, you can just create a new wiki article and set the parent node as the Server Management and Administration node. :)
  5. Alright cool