Hungergames New Kit

Discussion in 'Lib's Plugins' started by Eduardo Orefice, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. Since MCPVP speaks of both Kit THOR why not make better?

    Kit that does not invoke but He casts rays towards the Player so when it starts to catch fire hit

    the item that starts the game could be a Wand Blaze hahahahaha

    Also has the kit that when you kill a player you copy his kit

    Sorry my bad English I'm from Brazil
  2. Sounds op... and it sort of hard to understand you...

    How do you cast a ray?Lightning? Sorry confused :c
  3. The kit By killing a player you cloned the class that he had for example when you kill a stomper becomes a stomper.
  4. The Another kit would be The player receives a wand magica covers of play a radius where his crosshair is pointing.
  5. I think a line of lightning would be awesome! with a cooldown.. not too op. ZEUS!!!