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  1. I have just opened up my new website which is a server list ranking servers by user votes.

    I would like to invite any server owner to register and list their server!

    Dynamic banners
    Voting System + Votifier
    Quick Servers Status
    Report servers
    and many more..
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  2. Please don't use that software you can buy. There isn't anything unique with it and I could buy the same software and do completely the same thing :)
    I did the same thing in 2014 and people hated it, so I had to make it to my own.
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  3. Honestly, seems like a very lazy way to try a make a large amount of money.
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  4. Tux


    Boring template site.
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  5. Too much basic/standard bootstrap
  6. You're using a boring template, a $1 domain, and put absolutely no effort into making this.

    Don't expect success on these conditions. The servers aren't even being pinged, which means the player counts you have listed will stay on there permanently, it won't represent the server(s) actual playercount.
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  7. nice website!
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