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  1. Hello guys, I am actually programming a new minigame for spigot:
    This minigame is called: CraftOfSpades. This is a minigame inspired from the anciant game AceOfSpades, a ancient free to play which evolved to a buyable game. But the ancient version is always playable but wear the name of BuildAndShoot.

    CraftOfSpades is a PVP minigame which is played on a full stained clay map. The goal is to kill the members of the adverse team. The first team to 50 kills win the game. The map is reseted between each game because the players can destroy or build on the map with cubes of clay.

    Each player can choose between 3 weapons: the rifle, the SMG or the Shotgun.
    Each player has 50 blocs of clay and he can change the color of his bloc by left clicking.
    Each player has 3 grenades.
    Each player can holds a maximum of 50 blocs and he can pickup blocks with his shovel.

    The map must be in stained clay and you can use glass block or glass pane.
    The number of kills required to win, the messages and the others parameters are fully configurable.

    The plugin must be free

    Thank you for your watching. Please fill the poll at the top of this post.
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  2. Inkzzz

    Resource Staff

    When are you planning to release this?
  3. In this week-end probably.
    Are you interested ?
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  4. Why not free?
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  5. Wow, great idea. I am going to quick write this tonight. Does anyone know how long it takes to have premium plugins approved?
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  6. It could take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Just depends on the time. They are usually fast about it though.
  7. Ok two people planning to write the minigame for a fee. Seems I have to push a free version by tonight.
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  8. I want to see this out soon! If someone steals your idea and then charges for it, I will be quite mad! I hope you beat any impostures to the punch man!
  9. So, I decided to make this resource free :)
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  10. HURRAY!! I'm getting tired of premium plugin because I canĀ“t pay them :(
  11. Is this in the right section or not?...Just curious.
  12. Who cares? FREE PLUGIN!
  13. LOL
  14. I code the plugin in 1 week