New Players get disconnected when they join and i get a message in the console.

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by joshua31177, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. This isn't a problem AAC doesn't let players join every 1 second so they may be using a hacked cilent?

    §6[AAC] §r> §6Wait a few seconds before logging back in.
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  2. @Fonzee9 could it also be a false positive?
  3. Depends one time someone was using a hacked client and went to sleep so every 5 seconds they'd try to join with the hacked cilent and aac wouldn't allow them to join since they are logging in to fast then there brother admitted they were using a hacked client.
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  4. @Fonzee9 And this has Happened to The last 20 People that tried to Join
  5. @Fonzee9 I just tried to join my server using a hacked client and it let me join it did not kick me
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    The heck is "Plan", your issue is pretty much down to plugins, general steps of "try to backtrace any recent changes", otherwise might be a case of removing all likely plugins and seeing how it goes
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    such a ping reading is generally due to the system that handles calculating ping sucking, by any means with the calculation used for that, it's impossible to get a negative value unless your clock goes backwards