NEW Plugin!! Never been done before

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by BurningHead, Jun 7, 2015.

  1. Me and my Team are developing a new plugin that has never been done before, it allows a global database that is constantly updating

    More features will be released soon
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  2. Care to elaborate?
    No idea what this means.
  3. Really, database of what?
  4. MineCove


    Psychological finding - Announcing your goals will make you less likely to achieve them!
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  5. Erm.. ok?

    So if you say 'Im going to startup the minecove network'
    Your not gonna do it?
    I realize it says LESS LIKELY but still..
  6. The plugins name is MineBook and it is Facebook for Minecraft, you can make accounts on One server and then login on any other server that has this plugin on it, that is what the database is.
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  7. That is... if any other server uses it.
    Like if its small not many will.
    If its spigot.. most servers use :p
    Whats the likely hood of MineBook going on hypixel, mineplex, minecade, etc?
  8. Nice, I like databases.
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  9. MineCove


    Sorta! You're less motivated once you've fulfilled that sense of accomplishment by announcing it. While this is not the original source of where I read said finding, it'll sum it up much better than I was able to :)
  10. Im not saying that servers like that will have it, there is just that option. It also allows people to have separate profiles and post pictures and like them, all have been tested and are working fine
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  11. Still; you wont get anywhere without goals. And if your will is great enough, you'll achieve it.
  12. clip


    Sounds fun..


    Will it API so I can obtain placeholder values?

    (That is all I care about)
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  13. Yes it will, More details will be released closer to when it comes out
    1) {Never been done before, Ha lier.}
    2) If you make a database anyone with the plugin uses aka "Global database" anyone can easily decompile the plugin get login, host, etc and basically flush the ENTIRE database.
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  15. 1) N/A
    2) Who said OP isn't making a backend API?
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  16. I did mention this to a friend, and he agreed it was stupid so i told him what if he uses a backend api to make it so anyone can use it but cant flush database.

    If you want proof, say you want it and ill provide it.
  17. maldahleh

    Wiki Team

    proof of what?
  18. If done correctly with good authentication, it shouldn't be as easy as that. Players could use a global login as authentication, and tokens could also be used.
  19. people have already created login plugins
  20. Yeah! Can't wait to send all my personal-data & photos to you, so that you can sell it and I loose all my rights on it!! Where can I apply for Beta-Access? *Irony off*