(New question) BuildTools not compiling when using --rev (version)

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  1. I simply need to be able to get the item a player is holding for a 1.8 server running ViaVersion. This is something I haven't done before and didn't have much luck searching for, so I'm not positive if I need to do anything special or what, if this is possible at all.
    Thanks in advance <3
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  2. So to confirm, this is a 1.8 server where 1.8+ clients can join?
    If so, you’d just make plugins with the 1.8 spigot api imported and use the old methods, I think it’s Player#getInventory().getItemInHand()?
  3. 1.8 is just Player.getInventory()
    Wasn't sure, so good to know. Thanks~
  4. So, this isn't a problem ^
    However, my issue now is that I forgot a small snippet of code cass the player to CraftPlayer, which doesn't seem to work because of the CraftPlayer class varying by version (trying to anyways results in a NoClassDefFoundException or something along those lines). I assumed I might need the other shaded jar files, but BuildTools seemingly won't run if I use --rev <version>..

    Seemingly found a solution. Might've just been caused by my Java version (was using Java 10, realized from a thread a few months ago I should be using Java 8).
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