New server could use some help

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  1. Hello, I'm the owner of and I could use some server development help. I also could use some help with a few plugins as I want to get more features out with the plugins I have too. My server has a few dedicated players that already bought ranks on our website and a few more said they will buy ranks also. I wouldn't mind if you guys could join on the server and see what you think. I know the spawns need to change and add more to the spawns. I also know I need to start using holograms I just didn't get around to it yet because im still spending most of my time on setting the configs of the skyblock plugin and the McMMO. If you guys have McMMO and could recommend what I should change on the plugin that fits the skyblock server more I would like that.

    Server IP: uptime: 99.9%

    Discord: DuHDuHDan#6581 just to get ahold of me faster and easier
  2. So..what kind of help do you need exactly?
  3. Just some plugin help, and some suggestions to what plugins or whatever I should add to the server.

    Add me on Discord since im not on the spigot as much: DuHDuHDan#6581
  4. So, I know this isn't RMS, but I'll give you the rating you asked for anyway.

    First, I join the server and see your spawn. No-one is online so I was kind of lonely, but that's fine. I didn't know what to do because there were no messages or prompts to inform me, so I just clicked on the statue that said Survival.

    Survival: I join the server, and the chat format isn't very attractive. It could use some work, for instance, remove the <> form the chat. I can also see all your plugins from doing /plugins, and I don't get access to /help or /rules. Your scoreboard literally says "Scoreboard" at the top. I'd customize that. Survival spawn is awful, it's just a small 8 x 8 area. As I walk around, I see buildings of weird things. Just blocks going up to the sky. I'd make it so players can't build RIGHT by the spawn. I couldn't figure out how to leave your survival server since there is no /lobby or /hub command. I'd add one of those commands to make it more efficient. So I had to do /server skyblock.

    Skyblock: I join your skybock server, and it makes me wonder if your spawn was downloaded because it's amazing compared to the survival spawn. Once again with the scoreboard, the website at the bottom of the scoreboard says "". I also noticed that you're using PEX on your servers; that's fine if it works for you, but I'd personally recommend using LuckPerms. Interesting how you have McMMO installed on your Skyblock server, but I guess that's not an issue. I get a constant reminder to vote, and when I did /vote, it opened a GUI that said "example sites". If you're going to advertise people to vote, I'd have your vote sites set up. I know you said you are still setting things up, but that's one of the first things I'd set up.

    Overall impression: 5/10 as of right now. I see potential in your server, as I see in most servers. However, I'd definitely work on getting things set up before it's open to the public. Good luck.

    Oh, and customize your join/leave messages.