New server idea, need someone to help execute it

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  1. I am looking for someone who could make my idea become a reality!

    Basically, my idea was that we have a server similar to legend of zelda, where you start in an area and you begin by choosing a class, and as you go further you collect items that have abilities! basically just to complete quests and complete the journey! it would have a donation store where you buy stuff and there would be lore to it!

    Ok so i know it seems far fetched but i think i could make it work! I'm really good at setting stuff up, and if anybody wants to help they can. I cant really afford the server though... If anyone wants to create this server and have me set it up as co-owner I WILL DO IT!


    Put your discord down below if interested!
  2. If you can't afford a server yourself I recommend actually locally hosting a server that you can experiment on. First you download something like paperspigot or some other server jar, put it in a folder somewhere you can easily find back(like your desktop), create a text file within that folder along with the jar you just put in it and name it "start.bat". Then edit the file and put "java -Xms2G -Xmx2G -jar paper-xxx.jar" into it, replace 'paper-xxx.jar' with whatever the jar file is called, and replace the '2G'-s with however much RAM you want to dedicate to the server. Save the bat file and double click it, you should see a couple of files and folders appear in your server directory one of which is called 'eula.txt', edit that file and change 'false' to 'true' on the bottom and start 'start.bat' again, now the rest of your server should form. From there you can start uploading plugins and stuff and try to build up your idea.

    Once you started your server you can connect to it with your local IPv4 address, which you can find by typing "ipconfig" in your command line/shell.

    I recommend starting with this for now because it's completely free and it allows you the freedom to build and develop however much you want.
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  3. Strahan


    Agreed with some caveats. Desktop is fine but don't run the server directly from the desktop. Make a folder for it on desktop, and put the jar in the folder. Otherwise you're gonna have a lot of shit on your desktop. Also OP be aware these instructions are for Windows, in Linux it'd be different. I'd also add --nogui to your java line to prevent having both a console window and the GUI window opening. Also you don't "upload" the plugins, you just download them then put them in the plugins folder. A bit pedantic, sure, but saying "upload" would imply to some people that they are sending the files somewhere when that isn't the case.

    Aside from the nitpicks, I agree that is the way to go when developing. No need to waste money on a host while you flesh out the ideas.
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