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Would you play it?

  1. YES! I would invite all my friends

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  2. I might play it in some free time

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  3. Nah, I don't like fun

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  4. I don't like the idea :(

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  1. How many people have played the game "Pixel dungeon" ? If you haven't, it is a game about exploring a dungeon with random equipment, like magic wands, enchanted rings, random weapons (brass knuckles, swords, spears) and you have to fight mobs and bosses.

    Do you think this would make a good server type:

    Goal, get to floor 20.

    Levels, 1-25 the more mobs you kill, the better the weapons you can use.

    Money, you will find random shops along your way in the dungeon (Mostly after boss fights) and you can sell rare items to them, and buy rare items from them.

    When you start you have to pick between one of three classes, Mage, Warrior, and Monk. After you beat floor 20, you unlock the Hunter class. Every time you die, you have the chance to change class, but when you die, you lose everything, and only a few items will be dropped. The rest deleted.
    You can choice to do this alone, or with friends, you can also kill other players along your way that are around your same level. (A level 18 person can attack a level 20 person, but a level 20 person can't attack a level 4 person)

    Enemies, you can fight other players, bosses, and custom mobs.

    Now this is just an idea that needs a lot of work, but is it something that players would enjoy? Not saying I am going to drop everything and go build this, but it would be something cool to build.
  2. Sounds very cool! Would definitely play. If you consider working on this make sure that there's enough competition between players, like top 3 people who got to the highest floors.
  3. Free koevoet a nifo.
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    This sounds very interesting! I wish you the best of luck in creating it.