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  1. So recently, me and a few others started a factions server running on Spigot 1.9. I downloaded and installed about 30 plugins on it and it is running smoothly. I am looking for advice: Now that the server is set up, what should I do to help gather a few players and possibly establish a community?
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    I suggest advertising you server as much as possible and even hiring a YouTuber. The two suggestions can really make the difference in how your player base grows. I also suggest getting ideas from your players. When you do have some ask them what they want to see on the server. If you like it then you should find a way to add it! You always want that close connection with your community because as you start out it is going to be very important you keep those connections. That's how you can build upon a good community.
  3. What minimum subscriber count would you recommend?
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    I suggest around 300-500 subscribers with about 300+ views per video.
  5. 1. Configured your permissions system properly, leave no chance of exploitation and ensure a proper hierarchy permissions between you, your mods and players.

    2. Don't start big like an 8 server network even if you have "custom-coded" all those gamemodes. 1 server is sufficient for now, until you get a stable playerbase. (60++)

    3. You do not want to "bloat" your server with tons of features that are unnecessary to your gamemode. But starting a factions server with 30~ plugins seems just fine.

    4. I know some people say "you should listen to your player's suggestion if you want a successful server". This is not entirely true (at least in my case), when you start adding features suggested by your players, sure they will get excited for it but once that excitement is gone after playing with that new feature, they will want to suggest more and this leads to no.3 (above), bloating your server.

    5. Don't advertise on PMC or you will get more shitty players.
    You get players joining, but most will be shitty. yes.
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    I gotta agree with this. I suggest advertising on as I found it the most effective way of advertising my previous servers.