New Server need help

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by DarkWolfNorsken, Jan 17, 2020.

  1. Building a server for what i need and want.
    The server will run a cloud server (Maybe 5 users) and 5 minecraft servers with bungeecord (7 Servers total maybe more later on)

    i have hosted both before but i used a weak desktop...
    Worked for 10 cloud members and 5-8 mc players at the same time...

    it will be a dedicated server
    RAM: start whit 16GB and build on if the server grows
    Storage: 2x 250GB ssd
    CPU: I5-9600k / I7-9700k / I9-9900K
    I dont know which CPU to choose.
    I compared them on and hears its "CPU Single Thread Rating" i need to watch is that right? and what would you guys advice?? I5 / i7 / i9 or some other cpu?

    If someone know a setup i can get for MAX 1600USD or less
    Must include SSD (500GB+), ram (16GB+), good CPU, good PSU, Case, Motherboard.

    Is ebay / amazon a reliable place to buy computer parts?
    If some one from norway or sweden read this and know some good stores other then ebay or amazon i would be happy to hear about them.

    Sorry for my broke english :D
    Thanks for any help i get guys.