New Server/Network Looking for Dedicated People to Help!

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  1. Hello spigot forums! My name is Chase, or TycoonFanMan in Game, and I am starting a new Server/Network and am in need of some help!

    First off, a little backstory about me:

    I am 19 years old and live in Canada. I have been playing Minecraft since 1.2.5 and have always been interested in the online multiplayer aspect of the game. About 3 years ago I opened my First server, hosted off my own computer. It was a flop... I was young and inexperienced and had no clue what I was doing. After a year and a half-ish went by I had learned a lot about Minecraft in general and how to administrate a server better. I met some friends through the game and together we started our own prison/faciton server. It was a much better success then the first server. We would average about 10-30 players per day. However as months went on life got busy and I was running out of funds to keep the server running, as well as original ideas to keep it interesting. Part of it was I had no idea how to code so I could not create the ideas I had, and couldn't afford to have others do it for me. So we decided to close down that server.

    So NOW after finishing my first year of Computing Science at University, and working on it over the last year, I have a decent knowledge of java and bukkit programming and am currently developing a cool new minigame! (well I think its cool, i guess other people have to be the judge of that). I am interested in trying again, with my new gained knowledge, and with the amount of time I will have this summer to work on it, I want to build a new minecraft server/network. HOWEVER, I can not produce what I want to produce alone. I need help! That is why I came asking here. My friends from before have moved on to other things and are not to interested in creating a new minecraft server.

    I have one big Idea for a game I am already developing, but I need help creating the rest of the server! I have small Ideas for other games but those Ideas need to be expanded upon and I am open to suggestions!

    I am looking for a few people to join me in the next few weeks to build this server and see if it has the potential to be something.

    Who am I looking for?
    - Younger people who are willing to be dedicated and share the same passion I do for the minecraft Community.
    (Preferably 16 years of age or older, However if you can demonstrate that you can be professional and dedicated, I am open to having younger hop on board.)
    - All positions: Builders, Developers, Advertisers, People with Creative Ideas.
    - People who are willing to start for free.

    About the last point, Like I said I just finished my first year of University and sadly am in no shape to pay anybody for labor. I am looking for people who want to have fun together and try to build something we can be proud of. If the server becomes profitable, and I am not promising it will, I will send all money to paying for server services (Such as Hosting, Website, or advertising) Then if we have an abundance after that we will divide it about.

    If you fit the person I am looking for and are interesting in having a fun few weeks building a server! Then give me a shout on Skype: tycoonfanman. I hope this works and I am excited to see whats coming up!

    (PS I am not sure how many people are needed, but I am aiming to find 3-4 people (4-5 if you include me) to begin with, and will make adjustments from there)

    EDIT: When I say a fun few weeks thats just the building of the server phase, after that anyone who helps will totally be in on the running of the server, updating it and adding new features.
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