New Server Owner - Need Help & Tips

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  1. (Sorry if on wrong thread, too much, and etc... First post / time using Spigot threads.)

    Hello Spigot Community,

    I am a new and young server owner, and I have a few questions and concerns about being a server owner. My friends have been on the server but somethings need tweaking, as of observing them, so i need your help. Any help or appropriate comments, or plugin suggestions are great :).

    My Plugins Installed:

    • WorldGuard
    • WorldEdit
    • ProtocoolLib
    • All plotme jars
    • NoSwear
    • NoCheatPlus
    • NickNames
    • Multiverse - (everything)
    • Lockette
    • BlockDisguise
    • AdminPowertools
    My questions & concerns -
    • I need help with permissions how?
      • Permissions for different worlds (PlotMe, Survival, Spawn)
    • Gamemode per world?
      • ex. (survival for my survival world, creative for my plots, adventure for spawn)
    • Nether for only my survival
      • How can I disable nether for spawn, and plots, but not survival
    • IP - .tk
      • Do I use A or AAAA for DNS configurations.
    • Any good way to protect from hackers?
    Please also note i am young and don't understand most of this. My parents also don't. And I don't have any friends that know anything about this. So please, don't hurt, just love.
  2. Permissions aren't hard, just look up a tutorial for PermissionsEX or Groupmanager, same goes for the rest of your problems.
    Best of luck with your server.

  3. You are in the wrong thread but in terms of permissions I recommend pex which is simple to set up and very efficient
  4. ye pex
  5. 1) Use PermissionsEx (PEX), I've used it before and I've had no problems. There are also tonnes of great documentation that will help you get started

    2) If you're using multiverse, which I suspect, then this is how you do it
    Code (Text):

    /mvm set mode survival
    /mvm set mode creative

    4) A is always preferred, at least that's what I've lived by for the last 5 years xD

    5) Don't use offline mode, use NoCheat+ (, AntiAura should also be good, if you're ready to spend some money (
  6. For the .tk domain, you just look at your IP and make it redirect there.
    It's easy:
  7. AAAA is for IPv6, since Minecraft doesn't support that, you would want to use an A record.
  8. 1) GroupManager is easier and better. If you need help with it, message me.
    2) Edit the Mutliverse config.yml
    3) I'm having trouble understanding.
  9. - Understand what server gamemode you want to have then do research on it.
    - Install Essentials.
    - Install PermissionsEX
    - If you find a server that has the gamemode you like, typle /? or /pl to find their plugins and copy them. From there, spend some time learning about the plugin configs (if there are any) and manage your server in a smart fashion.
    - Stay professional