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  1. Hello People,

    I'm gonna add the game-mode hcf to my bungee network and I already made the server but I don't know what it will can accept in players (performance) without really notable lagg. Server Details the server is gonna be runned at the up squared with 8 gb ram, 64 gb EMMC storage and the processor is the Pentium N4200 Quad-core. The server is runned on 1.7, the build that accept 1.7 and 1.8 (if this affect performance say it to me I will switch to just a 1.7 build). The important plugins that are gonna be runned are notorius core, Mango (hcf plugin), CratesPlus and ofcourse we,wg and essentials (maybe ue pro but not sure). Hope that you can help me but i already thank you for reading my thread!
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    You're in for a bad time, considering that a bunch of HCF servers hit around the 500 player mark.

    Also, that amount of storage is inadequate.

    Just buy a dedicated server.
  3. oh i Have enough hard drives so that is not the problem
  4. and ssd so that is not the problem the problem is about the ram and processor
  5. Pentium N4200 Quad-core
    clocked at 2.5 GHZ
  6. that cpu has absolute shithouse single thread performance. i wouldnt even attempt running a server off of that for anything more than friends and small groups of 20 or so, ram would be fine but that cpu is kinda shit for minecraft on any large scale
  7. Ok I think that it would be Ok but we will see
  8. Btw I run a kd server on a atom CPU that is even shitter and that is holding 30 players with ease..
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    8GB of system memory is inadequate for HCF. You want at least double.
  10. *Asks for advice* *Doesnt take advice given*
    That CPU is absolute garbage, and has awful single thread performance. Just go buy a dedicated server.
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    That CPU is not really meant for gaming. But in a rule of thumb the best formula for a custom server is:
    MB = 200 + (players * nbOfChunksLoaded * informationPerChunkInMB) which will give your memory usage per player in your active server. So you can calculate what your loads will be like fairly easily. informationPerChunkInMB is your big dynamic value. It can vastly be different depending on what's going on in that chunk. So if your server is often complex, you can expect heavy RAM usage for players in those chunks.
  12. Thx for advice! and dirt bike freak I just take the advice into my opinion so I really appreciate the advice. Your are all right but ai hope that they aren't true but I think that they are true
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  13. Is my server able to hold 75 players?
  14. of course it can hold 75 players, id just be really damn surprised if it could stay stable with that many, your tps will be garbage
  15. I know this is off topic, but expect to be DDOS'd everday running an HCF server.
  16. I have ddos protection I got ddossed a few weeks ago and it is solved now
  17. xD do you think that react will help?