New Server Plug in Questions

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Golface, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. I just made a server for my son. Which plugins do I need to install to make him an admin?

    What are a few "easy" ones that will make gameplay better?

  2. You need to start with a plugin like PermissionsEx, Then I would recommend Essentials. Those would be two of the most important. If you want him to have full control of the server, You can just type: op accountname. In the console, Then with PermissionsEx you can set up a group for him specifically and, Give him any additional permissions. Such as the ones for Essentials.
  3. It's honestly up to you, pick n choose what you want but here is a list of what I recommend:

    Essentials - Nearly a "must have" adds many commands and used by most servers, you can download it here:

    WorldEdit - Allows players to quickly edit thousands of blocks with just a few commands, if you intend to use this plugin for large edits, AysncWorldEdit will stop the server from crashing - WorldEdit: AysncWorldEdit:

    PermissionsEX/Groupmanager - Choose one or the other, these plugins allow you to define ranks and what permissions each rank can use PermissionsEX: GroupManager:

    WorldGuard: Allows you to protect 'regions' of land which you define, very useful if you wish to protect areas from griefers. - Download:
  4. Thanks! I'll start w these and see how things go. I'm new at the server biz, so fingers crossed.