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  1. I'm thinking about how to setup my Server for maximum Performance.

    So if you would have this setup:

    - 1 SSD 240 GB,
    - 2 x 3 TB SATA 6 Gb/s HDD, 7200 rpm, Software-RAID 1
    - 16GB of ram
    - Intel Core i7-2600

    How would you install this Server? (Debian Squeeze)

    OS, Minecraft an Webpage on SSD, Backups and mysql on HDD
    Minecraft on SSD, Webpage, Mysql, OS and Backups on HDD
    something else and why?

    Thanks for letting me know :)
  2. I'd probably start with a more descriptive title... I'll forget what this thread is about by the time I get an email notification of someone replying to this :p

    As for the server itself, I am paranoid, so I don't like RAID 1... I feel that it is too risky, because if any of the drives go bad, all data on the array go poof. So you'd want to be very careful with that RAID 1 setup there, and use it for things that you won't mind losing (e.g.: map render, older backups for archival, etc.). Everything else you do mind losing, I'd put on the SSD, despite the fact that there's usually a limited amount of write cycles. If you _REALLY_ want to minimize the wear and tear on the drive, I'd say mount a tmpfs/shmfs on your RAM, and put your world region files there, and setup a scheduled task to copy it out regularly to prevent data loss on power outage.

    That said and all, I'm probably the minority, and people probably would gamble that the RAID 1 array won't go bad during their time with the server, and use it for whatever needs space :)
  3. You must be mistaking RAID 1 for RAID 0. RAID 1 is an exact copy of 1 drive to another, so if one drive fails the data is kept safe on the mirrored drive. When you replace the failed drive the array is rebuilt from the good drive and everything is saved.
  4. and bingo, I forgot what this was about already!

    You're right, I goofed. Didn't sleep as much as I wanted and feeling a bit tired. RAID1 is copy for redundancy. That's good :)
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  5. But I want the fast SSD for my server so I must not mess with ramdisks.

    The only thing is that I don't know where to install OS, Website and mysql for best performace.
  6. Separate server (vps/dedicated) for your website and for server =p