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    Ok, so say you have fully completed creating your server, the website is ready to go, everything is perfect.

    Except one thing: no players.

    How did you amazing server owners go about starting out? What was the first thing you did? Where did you advertise first?

    Hope I can get some good discussion on this one.
  2. Offer something unique.

    Answer this question, to yourself: "Why am I hosting a server?"

    There are enough servers with iConomy, mcMMO, etc. Create a unique experience and then advertise it on related forums.
    If I opened a brand new Subway Restaurant 10 feet from an established Subway Restaurant, why would customers want to come to my store? What am I offering that is different?
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    When the wife and I decided to open our private server to an open whitelist, we started by advertising on and as often as allowed. We had some vote sites setup as well, but we knew those wouldn't draw in many whitelisters until we get a steady player base.

    After a few months, we had a really good, strong player base, and it grew from there. Now a year later we get anywhere from 40-50 whitelisters each day. Now we have to make more servers to spread our community among them lol.
    *goes back to working on pvp server*

    But most importantly, offer things that keep them entertained and wanting to stick around. That could be from ranking systems to a rank you get after playing a week to fun events that win prizes, etc.
  4. Try to get on some of the middle/small sized server lists, and get a high listing on them. Being Top 5 in a list with a few thousand page views a day will still bring you around 200-400 players a day. That's a shitload. The mistake people with is hopping right on the top lists. Of course you get 0 players, no one looks beyond the second page!

    Also, has packages. They'll negotiate prices - and they make your server available to 900,000 people. I just did this yesterday for my server and found I had about 15-20 players joining per minute. Consider it if you have the capital, if not, do what I said above. Good luck!
  5. I've heard about this service before, but I don't think its' worth it. Since they post all these advertisements to the same exact Facebook page, I'd say it's already saturated by now. A small percentage of those who join actually become members - most either leave, get banned, or join the next server on the page.