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  1. Hey everyone, basically I was thinking of creating my Minecraft server. The only problem is that I'm quite new to server owning, so I don't know too much about it. Is was thinking of making factions/skyblock server, but these two game modes are really overused. I want you to answer these questions :D : 1.Should I stick to my server idea, or think of a new one? 2. Tips for server owning? 3. How to make my server to stand out from the rest? The only reason I'm asking these questions, is that a lot of servers seem to get average from 50 to 100 people on they server daily, even though they have skyblock or factions minigames. My goal is not to get hundreds players, but to make them entertained by playing my server minigames. I hope you will answer my questions :D
  2. If your goal is to get hundreds of players on at once... you'll need some decent hardware in the future. First you should start small. If you're making a skyblock or factions, add something unique or your player retention will be really low. Since you never owned a server before, your more than likely won't be able to create a successful server on your first try unless you pay for someone more experienced to set up your server. And how to make your server stand out, well, that is something you will have to think of all by yourself.
    Best of luck
  3. Thanks for the answer :) . No, my goal is not to get a lot of players, so does that mean I don't need that good hardware?
  4. If you want to go 'balls to the wall' right away, you could buy a dedicated server, yes. At least, you should get a premium host with good shared hardware.
  5. Welp, I just bought a pretty cheap 2gb server, and if I'll need more, I'll upgrade it, but for now, I think it'll do.
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    Pro tip: plan well for the future. I wouldn't get crap hardware because you don't expect an influx of people. I'm creating a simple survival server that I only want to achieve like 20 - 75 people on and mainly use it to stream. However, I went with a dedicated server running me $80 a month. I can afford to do this though, as it fits within my budget.

    Budget is key. If you buy a server that's too big and you notice that you cannot pay for it, your server will probably fall off or your files might be deleted in the process of the move or whatever. Just get something your comfortable paying for and that can accommodate any influx you think you'll get. Think realistic here.
  7. Running a successful server and a community can be laborious. Even setting up a simple server for friends can involve a lot of tinkering. It's a good idea to build Spigot on your computer and get familiar with setting up a server, installing and configuring plugins, and testing how everything works together.

    And that's the easy part.

    It gets harder to manage a server on a remote machine, so it is best to be familiar with what is supposed to be happening normally, before tinkering on a purchased shared, vps, or dedicated machine.

    Managing a community can be tough at times. People don't want to play on a server alone. They want people to interact with... so you need a good plan to create straightforward gameplay that they will adapt easily to and will want to keep playing. All this is happening while you are spending money on hosting a server somewhere, so again, it is best to spend time thinking about and developing a server on your computer before you host it.
  8. Im very new in the mc server world myself. I just made my mc server I have two gamemodes on it currently with about 5 people on it throughout the day. If you ever want to get a popular server going I suggest getting some admins or some extra help with plugin configuration as it is a pain in the butt and can be very time-consuming. More help the better and you may also enjoy working on the server more. Just my opinion and what I'm going through now with mine.
  9. Really thank you for all of these answers. I'm currently finishing my server, and I hope that it would turn out decent.