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Do you think Spigot should have a variety of services sections?

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  1. Hey, Every time I am on Spigot I just get that feeling that something is missing, and I just found out what Spigot is missing, Personally I think that most people go to MC-M over Spigot is because there is a lot of choices, You can sell builds when you're not a builder, it's just easier to sell and buy things in general, I think that if spigot added that system like a "Builds", "Setups", "Plugins", and much more sections, people and Minecraft server owners and sellers will come back to Spigot, like me I am a server setups specialist but I can't offer my service here, I mean I know I can but the system admin section is for system admins, but if we had that big variety on Spigot that would be AWESOME.

    ~ Thanks for time and consideration.
  2. JamesJ


    Builds are hard to prove that you built them, hence why they're not allowed on here.

    Plus, MCM is cancer, so I don't know why anyone would want Spigot to turn out like Spigot.
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  3. The meaning of this thread is that we need to ad variety here and have more and a lot of sections like we can add terraforming and advertisements so YouTubers offer their service, this was Spigot will become even bigger.
  4. Bump! Guys we need this to reach MD-5
  5. Tux


    No. Spigot is first and foremost a community, not a marketplace. There's a reason why S&R's user requirements are so stringent.
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  6. Buddy there is a offering services section and its the same as a market place but its lowkey.
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  7. Tux


    That doesn't change my point that Spigot is community, not a marketplace. If you want a marketplace, go somewhere else.
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  8. So your basically kicking me off here, WOW ur a very nice person.
  9. saphiria


    If kicking you off means Spigot becomes more of a community and not a marketplace, then yes, yes we are.

    @Tux was simply emphasizing something @md_5 has said many times, which is that Spigot are not a marketplace.
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  10. "service"
  11. You can see that Spigot is a community by looking at the amount of questions being asked, and helped out. It is amazing to have a place like this. Especially if you're having trouble with something. For example Stack Overflow is absolutely toxic, and shit.
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  12. Very true
  13. -1, community first
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