New Spigot Server And The EULA

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  1. Hi there! I'm beginning to create a survival server with multiple ranks. I want VIP ranks to be bought for $10-$20 and give these people to use commands like /feed, /fly, and so on. The problem is that I don't want my server to get blacklisted due to the EULA, but I grant you I have played on four servers in the past day that are exactly how I want mine to turn out and they've been up for years and haven't gotten blacklisted. Should I be worried?
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  3. Yeah, chances are they're blacklisted, there's a blacklist checker online.
  4. None of them are blacklisted though.
  5. If you're worried about getting blacklisted, you should read more about the github link above to create a blacklist for your server. There's no garentees to whether you'll get blacklisted. I am fairly sure that you'll receive an email from Mojang from your Webstore if you're out of compliance.
  6. And what happens when I don't reply to this email?
  7. They'll blacklist your server... That's when the bypass comes in ;p.
  8. But I don't understand how they do it. Their ip address never changes and their website domain always remains the same.
  9. I'm not exactly familiar about setting it up but it involves using an SRV record for the domain.
  10. If you're small enough you won't get noticed by Mojang but it still isn't recommended.
  11. So wait, hang on. Am I violating the EULA if allow people to pay real life money for a command such as /feed or /heal? I mean, these commands aren't a necessity on my server, so would that make them cosmetics?
  12. You have to comply if you agree to the EULA, so just play within the EULA. How hard is it.
  13. I just can't think of any ideas for cosmetic items. When I use money, I pay for something useful. I can't see my server making enough money for me to cover the hosting.
  14. Would about access to custom paintings? Is that against it too?
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    Do the painting give in game advantages? nope? Then its fine, if the rank gives someone an advantage over none donators its breaking the eula, if im right you can just offer ways to get the perks ingame too and it should be fine but i don't think so,
  16. Hey, if you aren't serious about your server and aren't in it for the long run and dont mind switching domains or doing all sorts of trickery, and dont care that you show your players that at any time it can all go away: go ahead, it's your server ..

    I value my community and I am in it for the long run.

    While you might just be a 2 player server thinking "i am too small to get noticed", that just means you think you will never be a 200+ player server.
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  17. Lol true. Can I let players buy these commands with in-game currency or does it have to be as a reward like voting a certain number of times per month?