New Standard for Config Hex

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What should be the standard?

  1. &#FFFFFF

  2. <#FFFFFF>

  1. Can we all just take a moment to agree and clarify that &#FFFFFF is the new standard for hex colours code in chat/config and whatever else

    Feel free to suggest other options to add to the poll
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  2. Andre_601


    Debatable. Some out there say that & in general is a bad option for color codes and that we should look for a new standard.
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  3. To be honest, I like <#FFFFFF> more.
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  4. While I already dislike using &, the compy signs are too much (I forgot their actual name :ROFLMAO:), mostly because of additional keys to hit and an additional character. Basically, not simple enough for me.
  5. How about Minecraft finally properly supports putting § in chat and we all just use that and live a happy life?
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  6. No matter what format people will use, &#FFFFFF or <#FFFFFF>, there's still at least 7 characters you will have to type so it might not work with formatting the signs manually.
  7. Strahan


    It'd be safer to stick to "normal" characters. (code)#FFFFFF seems logical to me. I'd say &#FFFFFF, but it really doesn't have to be &, it is whatever you pass to the translate function after all.
  8. Andre_601


    <code>#FFFFFF would also require minor additional steps, as you have to also replace # with x or replace the entire code with ChatColor.of(code)
    Additionally, would we need to point out that this is NOT working with default ChatColor from org.bukkit as it is a BungeeCord API-only thing.
  9. <code># seems to be the most user-friendly way right now, especially &# as it's quick to type out on your keyboard as well (keys are very close). I think it should be simple enough for any user to understand, type out easily and memorize, so as long as it meets those criteria then anything is good.
  10. I think we can all agree that &x&F&F&5&5&F&F is disgusting, though.
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  11. <#FFFFFF>
    and stop using &
  12. What syntax for the default colors, then?
  13. Their actual hex colour? I'm talking pure 1.16+
    &a = <#55FF55>
  14. In Minecraft’s /tellraw you can use the names of the colors in place of the hex codes, so instead of
    Code (Text):
    /tellraw @a {“text”:”hello”,”color”:”#55FF55”}
    you could do
    Code (Text):
    /tellraw @a {“text”:”hello”,”color”:”green”}
    so technically mappings (&a) to the color names (green) are 1.16+
  15. Tux


  16. Completely different. &a is the community, Mojang just convert "green" into the hex. It's just their shortcut.