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  1. Hi, Im working on a multi-world server. I have purchased a dedicated server and I have a hub. I was looking at my options and came across this. I also have the most updated version of Java and SSH. I was just wondering if someone could explain to me in more detail how it works? I also want to know if it would work on one server with multiverse? (I have the option of seperating my servers into smaller servers with different IP's). One last question will players be able to use some sort of portal to get from one server to another (like what multiverse-portals has.)


    If you have any suggestions that would be great as well!
  2. If you have enough resources, bungeecord is def. the best solution for multi-world servers. I insist, IF You have enough resources. With that cleared, let's take a look at how bungeecord works :

    Bungeecord will sit in the middle of your connection between your clients and your servers. It will read everything the client sends to it, and send it to the corresponding server. That's what we call a "proxy". But bungeecord is much more than a mere proxy. It will actually read and understand the packets the client/server sends to it, which allows bungeecord plugins to do some pretty fun things.

    You need to understand that bungeecord does NOT come with it's own server bundled. If you just run bungeecord, without any backend server, and attempt to connect to it, you will just get kicked with some sort of error because bungeecord will have no idea what it needs to do ! BungeeCord contains a list of servers it is allowed to connect to, and will just redirect players to those.

    I do not know what your concern with Multiverse is. You can have a bungeecord network constituted of many servers, each server being constituted of many worlds, if you see fit. To the minecraft server, bungeecord is just a client. Nothing more.

    There are several (many) portal plugin solutions for bungeecord. To cite a few, BungeePortals, StarGate, and Transporters. Some can be found here in the resource tabs, others you'll have to look for them.

    I hope this clears up your questions.
  3. Thank you very much! :)

    It has cleared up many of my questions! I have seen a few servers where they have a huge dedicated/vps hosting with multiverse which is connected by BungeeCord (You have the ability to go between worlds with /server).

    Is there a way to make it so only specific players (donators +) can go to the server? What is the suggested ram to have when running BungeeCord?
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    /server has nothing to do with multiverse, just to let you know.
  5. I know that its not a Multiverse command. Some servers use multiverse worlds as different servers Like a faction server, PVE server, etc.. all using one IP.
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    Multiverse plays no part in it, its not new worlds they're all completely different servers connected through Bungeecord.
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    Multiverse has nothing to do with Bungeecord.

    Yes, just keep the server in whitelist mode and only whitelist your donators.
    256mb is more than enough for your Bungeecord, so not much.

  8. I run a BungeeCord setup for a lobby and 3 other servers, the 3 other servers all use MultiVerse for different worlds, so it's perfectly doable.

    In my case, the portal solution I use is BungeePortals, and it has per-portal permissions. It's also a Bukkit plugin, so it operates based off your existing permissions, so all you'd have to do is give "bungeeportals.access.donatorserver" (can't remember offhand what the permission was) and that sorts that out. (edit: as long as you don't let users use /server )

    BungeeCord itself is fine on 256Mb for about 500-1000 connected players, or so I heard.

    Now to go on a side note;

    If you can use Multiverse to offer a certain world inside an existing server, do it - don't split things up too much because it's a bitch to maintain, and with it being split up you start running into interesting things like having to find a way to share permissions, bans, kicks, chat, tells, modreq/helpop requests and so on.

    What BungeeCord is great for is to have, for example, a separate server that just runs, say, ArenaSpleef, has multiple worlds with each world containing a single arena, and people can join it, queue up, and play some spleef. Similarly for Hunger Games style things where you need a map reset to it's default state it's a great way to handle it; plus you can add more than one server to the lineup.

    Just my 2 cents :)

  9. Haha Thanks :) and It really is, I have SolusVM which is really helpful with banning players, etc.. Thanks for the input it was very helpful!