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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by AldenJD, May 25, 2016.

  1. Hey Spigot community, I would like to get into programming plugins and I would like to know what do I need to learn to make some plugins for my upcoming pvp based server if u want to know exactly what type of plugin I want just PM and I will tell you..

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  2. MiniDigger


    start with learning java.
    without proper knowledge of the language you will need to use to develop plugins you don't even need to start.
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  3. Thnx for the feedback will look into all of these..
    @MiniDigger site to learn java from please?
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  4. No problem
    -honestly you don't need to know Java but it does make it easier - when I started I didn't know Java, but you will most likely end up Googling a lot
  5. I didn't use it.
  6. I watched a guy on YouTube called Programming Knowledge, he seemed pretty helpful, don't know if there are better sources though. Give him a try.