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  1. After jumping around from host to host, I am now currently on a 4GB shared hosting plan with TheMinecraftHost, where I only have access to FTP and a basic Multicraft panel. I've been looking for some time now to switch to a dedicated server on OVH, mainly due to the really cheap prices and more freedom on what I can do with my server.

    But then again, I've never actually used a VPS nor had a dedicated server before. Since I haven't had any experience besides Minecraft-only hosts, I feel like I may run into a ton of problems/troubles, where I can't just send in a simple support ticket and have the issue looked into for me -- I'd be on my own. If I want my server to expand, I can't keep them on hosts where I don't have full control over it.

    - What Linux distro should I use?
    Keep in mind, I'm very new to this. I was thinking of getting Ubuntu 12.04 + remote desktop, so I can visually see what I'm doing. I won't be going with Windows, as I don't want to be paying extra monthly for the OS license.

    - Are there any newbie guides to setting up a server?

    - Should I use a RAMDisk?
    Since the plan does not offer SSDs, I thought of putting my Factions survival + creative worlds on a RAMDisk, as they are the most popular.
  2. PhanaticD


    dont use a ramdisk

    learn how to use the command line and a commandline text editor like vim

    I prefer centos over ubuntu
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  3. LiLChris

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  4. prplz


    I agree with centos and vim :)
    You could get a cheap vps with 1GB of ram and just practice setting up test servers on that, to learn the skills you need. The great thing about vps's for learning is that you can instantly re-image the vps to a different linux distro and try all the ones they have available. My favorite sites for finding vps's are and
    Good luck :)
  5. jeff142


    If it was my server, Ubuntu server. But that's only because every computer in my house runs Ubuntu (or something ubuntuish).
    For your server use multicraft, easy to set up and get everything working along with a interface your use to.
    Multicraft is about 20$ to get and not hard to install, but if you need a hand send me a message and il help you out (full setup for 30$).
    I wouldn't use a ram disk, they tend to be more of a pain then help.
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    Been using OVH for 2 months now, i do not have one complaint. They have 24/7 fast response by phone calls. Someone will answer within 2 minutes. They know exactly what to do and always want to help.
  7. LiLChris

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    Highly depends on the hour you call and person you get from my personal experience.
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    Called at 5am, 2pm, and 11pm before. Took within 3 minutes for each time.
  9. Puremin0rez


    OVH is a great company and I highly recommend them. Good to your wallet and overall good support.

    As for OS - I mean, that's really up to you. Ubuntu Desktop is something that will make you feel very comfortable if you're new to this. I personally prefer Ubuntu Server or CentOS.

    I don't recommend RAMDisk. You're new to this and there is far far far too much that can go wrong with that...
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  10. New question: what panel should I go with?
    I currently have my eye on SpaceBukkit. It's free and looks really nice. Are there any other better (and free alternatives?
  11. md_5

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    I'd stay away from control panels and just use screen + ssh
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  12. We use SpaceBukkit for our minor staff team. I use it when monitoring. It has a great GUI, and very selective roles. Great for when you have 9 servers to monitor. >.< But our System Administrator says at its current open beta it is pretty complex to set up. As md_5 says, use Screen and SSH for your more focused uses. It is the best way to manage your server when it comes down to it.
  13. externo6


    We are with OVH, have been for around 9 months now, not one major problem, any problems we have had however have been quickly resolved.
    We use a RAM disk, not had any issues with it but only use one if you are comfortable with linux. One false move and everything can go wrong.

    We also have it saving back to the disk every 5 or so mins.
    We use a script which we mostly wrote (bits extracted from other sources here and there), which will setup the RAM disk for you, control screen console access and backups etc... (only works on redhat distros eg. CentOS)

    If you want I can ask my colleague if he is ok with his work been shared :p
  14. CCT


    Apparently Hetzner is better than OHV, but I don't use either.
  15. I was looking at Hetzner. It is in euros, which puts their prices to about the same spot as OVH, (On their bigger servers.) As for their smaller spec'd servers, they are a little more expensive. Didn't look too into depth, but I feel they are hosted in Europe. Pretty sure you can't go wrong with either server hosting service though.

    We have been using OVH for about 2 or 3 months now. They have had great service. We can call at any time of the day and be set and talking with a representative within 30 seconds. We had one noticeable problem, called them, and they had it fixed within a few minutes. And on the specs, it is a what you see is what you get. Worked out great.

    (40 People on at this time.)

    The average specs. I have never seen the CPU over 25%, (And we have 9 servers on 1 box, 7 BungeeCorded together.)
    Haven't restarted the server box in about 3 weeks+.

    All in all, they are a really underrated service. People are always bashing on them, but in reality, they are very very good.
  16. I use Centos and i just ssh into it and access the console through screen, works great.
  17. LiLChris

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    The more servers I add to Bungee, the more I want an all in one status viewer.
    Something that can show me TPS & Player count, in 1 screen.