New To Spigot, Anyone to help me? Its a bit laggy

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  1. Good afternoon everyone, I am just new to the Spigot world, I used to have a heroes server with Libigot, but since they won't be updating anymore (they're pretty much dead) Well, I decided to get over with the heroes plugin and get started on a new journey with Spigot

    I've been hearing so much about spigot about how lag free it is, and how flexible and stuff it is, I've pretty much read everything on this website, from the OverView to the FAQ
    So here's the thing, I have this home server, it has an Intel Pentium Dual Core, 2.70GHz Processor, 2GB of RAM, and reasonable performance...

    I used to run this with libigot usually with 5 People online or more, then once I'm done fixing the spawn, or adjusting new plugins and such, I host it up on my server hosting, But my problem is, The TPS of Libigot always used to be around 18+ But now it reaches a dropping 13tps even with only one person online.
    I've done a little researching and I used the timings viewer
    Here's the ubuntu pastebin link:
    and here's the timing website:
    I set the view distance to 10, and removed all entities, but why does it always reach 13, That NEVER happened before, using any other bukkit forks or server programs.

    Some other info:
    18 Plugins (Basic/non laggy ones, except for essentials)

    Would anyone care to help? Its just that, some other servers reach about 30-50 players with almost the same specs but lag free (TPS around 15)

    Also chunk loading is horrible, even if I'm using my laptop as the gaming CLIENT, via WiFi, chunk loading is still horrible.

    So Please help, I really need it, I heard that spigot is really reputable and really lag free
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    With the spigot.yml on the default settings, you are not going to do much.

    In the wiki, there is a list of what all spigot.yml settings mean. Tweak them to your satisfaction :)
  3. joehot200 thanks for the reply, but for some reason, it always stays at around 18, even if nobody's around, also, I haven't edited much plugins yet, if there are any information you might need about the server, I would be glad to give you

    I also checked out the wiki, and did my best to customize a few properties, but there's nothing really much I see that can make the server lag free-er, although I wonder if disabling the built in Spigot Orebfuscator might help lag issues?
    Please give me any possible help :)
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    Disabling orebfusicator will of course reduce lag, so will things like entity activation range, tracking range, growth-chunks-per-tick, and a few others.
  5. Update to latest Spigot build and update your worldguard. Also, your syncChunkLoad is a bit high, what disk do you have? Is it fast enough?
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    Kinda fell like your hard drive is slow looking at those timings.
    Just a stab in the dark tho.
  7. I appreciate everyone's reply, I have a standard Seagate HDD Hard drive, it is fast enough, not too slow
    I don't know your definition of "Fast" though,
    Anyways, the thing is, craftbukkit and libigot both worked flawlessly with average TPS's of 18-20 with around 5-10 players always online, I used clearlagg to well, what else? remove the entities and such,

    Although I really do appreciate Spigot for it being pretty fast when booting up and using less RAM compared to other server types, but it still would be really laggy, whenever someone logs in the server, TPS would drop to somewhere under 15 for some reason, and it would stay there for about 3-5 minutes

    Also, block breaking and commands are pretty laggy, I tried typing on the console, the console lagged too

    Would anyone have ideas on what this might be, as what I said, Craftbukkit and Libigot worked flawlessly before
    So thanks :)
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    might sound crazy but try giveing it less ram
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    Considering Libigot is 98.9% Spigot and they added no real optimizations or performance benefits............
  10. md_5 That is true, but it's still very unstable, I tried hosting it on my (really) underpowered netbook today, you know, just testing
    Here's what I got:
    I tested Libigot on my netbook quite a few times already, and my staff are still satisfied with the results, even if there is block lag and such, it's still incomparable to spigot :(
    Would you have any idea of what's causing this? and as I said, it works fine with other server types, so I don't really suspect the hard disk is causing any much of a problem

    jeff142 Heh, not so sure about that, tried putting it down to say, 500-800M?
    Not really an improvement

    how can I say its laggy? hosting it on my home network at the moment, 1 PC is running minecraft and the other is running the server, chunk loading isn't that nice, when i do /lag or /ping, it takes about 3-5 seconds, TPS is around 14-18.6 when I'm on the server.
    And when I'm not, its on a sustained 19.8 TPS

    Can anyone find the solution?
  11. Libigot was a piece of crap I am happy it is gone.
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