New to this and setting up a server for my son.

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  1. I have everything pretty much up and running but my question is can other players log in to the server with different versions of Minecraft or do they all need to be on the same version of what the server is?

    Can player 1 be on 1.7.10
    and player 2 be on 1.8
    and so on?

  2. If you're using the spigot version 1.7.10 players can log with a 1.7.9+ & and 1.8 client.
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  3. JamesJ


    Yes, however they won't be able to use 1.8 blocks.
  4. You have three options:
    - Use the latest (1.8) Spigot version (recommended), in this case performance will be best, 1.8 blocks will be available, and security flaws fixed. If it is just your son and a few others on the server, exploits aren't that big a deal, but you might as well be protected.
    - Use the old 1.7.10 protocol hack (not recommended), in this case performance will suffer, and players won't be able to use any blocks added in 1.8 -- however, both 1.7 and 1.8 clients will be able to join. You also won't be able to use many modern plugins.
    - Use some older version. (recommended against) In this case, few people if any will even try to help you (as you didn't try to help yourself first by going to a new version where the issue you are experiencing is fixed). The only advantage is the ability to play as people did in the past. Lastly, most, if not all, plugins won't work.
  5. Thanks for the replies and clarification.