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  1. Hi!
    I have had a vanilla MC server for years we rent through Gameservers. I have full FTP Access and I know my way around a little as I use to use bukkit, I would like to add and use Spigot to start to improve performance. My host told us I have to do this manually as MCmyadmin will not do it, but I'm lost on what file names I need and what I need to rename or delete etc. Might some one be able to give me step-by-step process of how to do what and where to put the file. I'm also lost on the several files I see? I take it build tools is not for this, and I dont see something called spigot to download. I dont want to host myself, which is what a lot of the directions I found are for. We did have spigot on at one point and I remember being able to control chunks loading and food consumption, I would like to do have that again, and I can read up on that and figure that out. A minecraft.server.jar and a spigot.jar are already in my Minecraft directory. I am running 1.9.2 and I believe out host is Linux based.

    If I can figure out exactly what to download, what I need to rename, add, delete etc, and then what to do from there, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Sorry for the newbie questions, I just want to learn and try this
    THANKS for any help! This what they told us to do, but I'm lost on where, how, etc:

    That is correct except that the auto installer on McMyAdmin does not work, therefore, hitting the install button will not do anything at this time.

    You will have to install the latest version of Spigot manually by first downloading the latest version, change the name of the .jar file to Spigot.jar, stop your server, FTP into the "Minecraft" folder and then upload that into the folder. Then restart your server and it should be running the latest version of Spigot that you just manually installed.
  2. You use BuildTools and GitHub to get the Spigot jar file, and then just replace the Bukkit jar file on your server (at least thats all i had to do when i switched).
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  3. Here is the step-by-step process.

    1. Download the spigot .jar.
    2. Go into the folder when you find the
    3. Find the minecraft.server.jar
    4. Delete that .jar
    5. Upload your spigot .jar
    6. Go to your admin panel
    7. Find where you can select a custom .jar or something of that sort.
    8. Change that custom .jar name to your spigot.jar's name
    9. Restart the server.
    If this doesn't work. You has to have messed up, or your server doesn't like to make an easy way to do things. What I just explained should work for most hosts.
  4. He said he wants a step-by-step process.. :p
  5. change it to custom18.jar
  6. If I may ask, the actual spigot.jar ? What file and where from? Go to Jenkins and grab from latest build on left, in which case there are lots of links? Then which file do I grab? Do I need build tools first? I do not see an actual file called spigot.jar.
    Thanks, and again sorry for questions.
  7. Download buildtools
    Run the github command found on the homepage
    Rename the spigot.jar to custom18.jar
    Make it so your host reads the jar file version as custom18.jar
  8. Exactly.
  9. Thank you .. I'm going to ask another stupid question, in which case I'll stop bothering everyone and throw in the towel if I'm simply to new to this. I do not see a Github command on the home page, and I apologize for saying I'm not familiar with that. Sorry, if you might explain what I am exactly looking for? If not, no worries, I'm realizing I'm out of my depth here. My home page for Spigot has a link to jenkins to get files and I dont see anything that says running that, but my knowledge is limited.
  10. Download 1.9.2 off homepage
    Install github
    Right click buildtools click github extract
    Type in command on homepage
    Rename to custom18.jar... etc as above...
  11. Excellent!!! I think I have this down! If I may ask for one more thing? Some of the plugins I see may help say: PLEASE USE SERVER BUILDS BASED ON BUKKIT 1.9-R1. No other minecraft builds will work with this version.

    Do I need something besides Spigot, or does spigot replace the old Bukkit I use to have?
  12. Spigot has the BukkitAPI (Bukkit) implemented into it, it will work just like Bukkit but with some extra features.
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  13. Ok, I'm close, I have the build tools in a folder. I grabbed Git and I ran it. I then right clicked buildtools but no option except Java was present to open it. So, I found the github folder and choose git.exe? It showed up real quick then went away then it changed my build tools to a .jar file with the git logo on it. I'm not sure if thats right? Nothing else appeare din the folder. This command I need to type in? Little lost on that. Again sorry for bother.
  14. I think I'm good, its extracting everything and building the files, the folder is filling up! Do I need to name this custom18.jar? Can I put it in as spigot.jar?
    and if I may ask how do I go about updating when I need to?
  15. If you have java 8 plugins name it custom18.jar ;p
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