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  1. Instead of making a vague thread, I know that I have made SEVERAL threads today but this is a serious thing.

    Thinking about buying a VPS instead of using shared hosting. So, I'm wondering what are the perks and disadvantages of buying a VPS?

    Also, if I buy one could I host my server and website on there.
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    The main advantage is simply having root access to the server so you can install whatever you want on it; Teamspeak server, web server, etc. Disadvantages? None, unless you want a host to manage the backend stuff for you so you don't have to worry about fixing things if something breaks, which, regardless, you can easily find a solution for any problem with Google... :)
  3. Sweet! Now, I'm wondering where I should buy a VPS? I'm thinking OVH but which one should I use?
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    Do you plan to host Minecraft? If so I wouldn't recommend OVH Classic, at least get their Cloud VPS which run on better hardware and use better virtualization. Last I saw their classic are oversold OpenVZ that run on huge Opterons which are bad for MC.
  5. I plan to run a website and Minecraft server.

    Also, why do people buy dedicated machines?
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    I like RamNode, Vultr and DigitalOcean personally for VPSes.

    People buy dedicated servers to have the hardware dedicated wholly to them. With a VPS, you share the resources with other customers, so there is potential for performance degradation through abuse, but this is often not an issue with well-known established hosts.
  7. VPS is public
    Dedi is personal
  8. Better price per performance ratio I guess.
  9. I might be able to buy a VPS. I am unsure where it is cheap and good.
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    Tux listed a few above, "cheap and good" generally doesn't work well together though.
  11. I have a few questions

    1) When I'm installing Spigot, do I need to install Multicraft?
    2) Is there some documentation when it comes to installing Spigot?
    3) Also, what is this CentOS and puTTy stuff?
  12. Don't get a ovh class vps it's really bad. Recently today I got the $2.99 and the server lags with just 1 player on it which is me. Centos is a type of linux and Putty is a terminal emulator used to process commands etc. It's really easy to use once you get your feet wet with it.

    Edit: After running for 14 minutes this reading is really good but it was only me on the server, and this is the first time I never experience lag on the server for such an elongated time. (Plugins: ClearLag, WorldEdit, LaggRemover, WorldGuard) probably because I recently got clearlag and laggremover still a bad vps. I recommend you getting a cloud vps that is if you're on a budget.
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  13. Right now, I have $20.