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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Netto Hikari, Aug 22, 2013.

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  1. Hey, folks.

    I'm currently restarting my project from scratch. I've always been a Java and .NET guy and have never been into web development stuff. I always used pre-made CMS and configured / edited it the way I wanted.

    Well, I started making a new website over the past 2 days with almost no HTML/CSS/JS knowledge. I'm reading books while I'm making this and I also look at tutorials etc.

    Do you like it? What should be improved? I'm using twitter bootstrap for everything and Vanilla as forum software (customized).

    This is it.

    (Yes, I pretty much "copied" the Overcast Network layout. Gonna change some of it sooner or later.)

    - Netto
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  2. Netto Hikari - It looks like bootstrap. It also looks like as you said, and their website looks yours seems to as well.

    I gotta tell you though, maybe play around with that so you can learn stuff, but please create something unique. I mean, it IS bootstrap, but I'd much rather something that looks like you and your server than something that's a bit too similar to a more well known server (or any other server for that matter)

    SexyMime knows all about that, though, except he went one step further and was connecting to mcpvp's css and js, which is a little hillarious, but let's just say blatantly ripping off someone's creativity doesn't really go over well.

    Like I said, I think there's nothing wrong with trying to re-create something you like as you learn, but I think for a production site you really should try to find a design that works for you. Maybe look through a ton of bootstrap sites, get ideas, and then sit down with a paper and pencil (they even make printable bootstrap guides) and draw out what you'd like your site to look like. It pays off to be unique! Not the least of which being you can look at your creation when you're done and be proud of what you created, rather than worry that people are going to think you copied someone else...
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  3. Did sexymime really hotlink mcpvp?
  4. joehot200


    The "play" button doesn't work :p

    Other than that, its very nice. :)
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  5. It's really good. I like it!
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  6. obscurehero Thanks for the very useful post. Well, I never actually "intended" to cover But I really like their structure, to be true. I've been using XenForo before and I just can't stand thousands and thousands of (maybe even nulled) websites looking exactly the same (Flexile based themes).

    I think, can't claim the main page layout as their own idea, as it looks pretty much exactly the same as the Carousel Jumbotron example on Bootstrap's website.

    MICHAELBYRNEfbi As for SexyMime hotlinking mcpvp... Yes, he did. But I don't really want this to be a topic right now (no offense). I did make everything on my own and my girlfriend helped me with images and stuff (the blender images are also self-made).

    joehot200 That's because its not done yet. :)

    Thanks for your positive responses!
  7. joehot200



    Btw what will you have behind the "play" button? Dont see that button on other server forums :p
  8. As we offer multiple servers, it will show the amount of online players (no, not as does, lol) on each server.
  9. jtaylor69

    jtaylor69 Retired Moderator

    Oo Vanilla Forum! Good work so far! :)
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  10. Sorry! Didn't mean to give you a hard time. You're right there are a lot of recycled themes out there and in no way did I mean you were trying to 'copy' them. I find when I do creative things whether or not its writing, building in minecraft, or designing a website that I often use things that I've read, seen, etc. that I like heavily without even knowing it. It's totally ok, but then I like to do a derivative of my own work from there and use that to riff off of.

    To be honest, I'm not a huge frequenter of minecrafter websites and so I wouldn't have known yours looked like had you not said something. I think a lot of minecraft server websites look similar that use XF or bootstrap so there's a level of recycling out there. I guess I felt since you mentioned that you look like another server, it might be good to go one step further and give it your own spin. Maybe change the color scheme or a bit of the format, but again bootstrap sites can often look SO similar.

    I also like the Vanilla forums. So long as you're honest that you know you've borrowed elements from other sites or at least inspiration, I think you're just fine.

    Again, sorry for giving you a hard time, I also feel I shouldn't have mentioned people by name. I just wanted to give an example of taking it too far in the wrong direction, which I know you weren't doing at all.
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  11. Ahh, you didn't give me a hard time at all! :) I seek for critique and that's what you gave me. The site is still a work-in-progress thing, so I think it will change a lot in the next few days. I already put in my own "charme" here and there, but it's not done yet.

    The Vanilla forums are great. So simple, minimalistic and scalable/customizable. I'm currently modifying Vanilla to have it fully integrated into my website.
  12. >Bootstrap. Everything looks the same.
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  13. Yes, you're right. But it's actually very easy and customizable.
  14. Alrighty. Worked on my forums all day. It is now pretty much integrated at ... However, I'm not sure how to hide / alter the "user" menu at the top right if the user is not logged in.

    There's no need to show "edit profile", "change password", "edit preferences" and "logout" if the user is not logged in... Hmm. Need to learn how that works.
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  16. Thank you. :3
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  17. For future reference, I've been soaking up all this bootstrap and website talk... and I really like the way you've integrated it all like that. Care to post here or PM me links to a few tutorials slash references I can save for future reference. RL stuff is keeping me from doing anything right now...

    Allowing people to register to your server forums via in-game command. Is that with CommunityBridge or something custom you created?
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  19. <3

    I've been creating a whole reference document for myself and I'll add this to it! Thanks! In time, I'll post my own review thread and I'll let you rip me to shreds. :D

    Netto Hikari - Sorry, what are you using again for the in-game "/register" command. That a custom plugin or something openly available?

    EDIT: I'm trying to think of what I'm going to use for a player statistics portal, and I'm currently using lolmewnstats so I figured I'd work off of their webframework or use it to hook into the database with PHP? I know very little about web languages, so I'll have to teach myself a lot through the process. I saw that this is on your to-do list.
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  20. obscurehero - I'm using self-made plugins only (almost, with a few exceptions). This one is also self-made. It is pretty easy:

    > On registration, check if the user is registered already. If not, create a new account in the database and call a PHP script in Vanilla which sends an email to the user. You can choose the hashing algorithm in Vanilla's config. <

    I'm going to write my player statistics portal from scratch. A game plugin will put all the information into a database from where it will be pulled by a PHP cron script on a regular basis.
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