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  1. Hi Spiglets

    I have launched my new XenForo website a few days ago ( and I've been keeping an eye on Google. I used to have an Enjin site which simply launched me to #1 when someone Googles "dyescape". I know how Google ranking works in general and it shouldn't be a problem getting me on the first page with other search words, but simply the word "Dyescape" results in me popping up only on the second page.

    I simply want the keyword "Dyescape" to result in a #1 spot on Google, simply linking to

    I've folowered multiple SEO tips 'n tricks, also specificly for XenForo. I did a few SEO checks and overall they seem to be fairly okay. (7/10 - 8/10).

    Can someone help me with this? Would be great.

  2. You will eventually be #1 for that name. As long as your site remains active within a few months or less
  3. But I had an Enjin site for ~2 years. Your statement says I'll be #1 if it stays active, but does that reset when I host a different website system on it? I wouldn't be suprised, just making sure.

    So just playing the waiting game should solve it?
  4. As i see it now, there is no reason why it wont be #1, there is likely another variable not in view. That charity site seems to have plenty of meaningful content, which may be why its on top at the moment.
  5. So it'll be #1 over time or am I still missing something? I did some SEO checks and they all results in 70% - 80% good score.
  6. Maybe try registering with alexa and pay a basic plan, it will help a little with coverage but other than that only time will tell. Working on backlinks is a risky game i do not reccomend.
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  7. [​IMG]

    Looks like the true Dyescape is #1 again. I went to some Google site and requested a reindex of everything. After waiting for a few hours, it went back to #1. Thanks for the help! :D
  8. Can you explain what you did? I have exactly the same problem...
  9. What exactly is the issue? My issue was that Googling "Dyescape" did not even result in being #1.

    I did the following:
    • Some free SEO checks and fixed most critical things
    • Made sure I have at least one good article on my website that contains some key words for my server (server name, server type, etc)
    • Make sure you have a working robots.txt, sitemap, SSL, etc. They all affect SEO
    • I switched from Enjin to XenForo, I waited at least a few days
    • At the end, when I did all the above, I requested google to reindex/crawl everything
    What's the domain you're trying to improve?
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Shame on you, going over charities :)
  12. Another good thing about XenForo forums is that it's constantly updated. When your site is constantly updated, Google will bump your site up the list. Keep that in mind. ;)
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  13. Thanks for testing it. It used to vary between my devices, but seeing it on #1 for someone else is good to know.

    Not my fault they call their charity Dyescape XD

    Thanks for the tip, I'll keep that in mind. :D
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  14. Little offtopic, but your site looks really well designed, and good luck on your quest to finishing your server!
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  15. Thank you very much! I was going to post a "rate my website!" thread soon. Glad you like it so far! :D
  16. Use incognito page and no country redirect ( to test out pages for clean results.
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