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  1. Hello, I successfully set up the latest Spigot server. Everything works great. I wanted to try to download and install a map. I installed the map in the spigot folder, edited the server property file (changed "world" to the name of the new map). Started the server and all looks well, but I can't access it when I launch minecraft. The map runs on version 1.6.4. When I launched minecraft, I used 1.6.4 to try to access my server. What am I missing?
  2. So you have a 1.15.1 server and you are trying to log on with a 1.6.4 client?
    Thats not how it works, client ver needs to match server ver
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  3. I can only download a map that is for version 1.15.1? (it was Black Light map)
  4. No. A map will work on any version that it was created on or newer.

    Sidenote: that map (being 1.6.x) is like 100 years old, so it may have issues updating.
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  5. Oh....okay, that makes sense. Thank you very much.
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  6. How are you hosting your server? I mean, which OS and also please don't use too outdated server jars and maps. Those have many issues. Anyway goodluck with your server :)
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  7. WIndows 10 32gb RAM,supermicro Intel Atom Processor C2550
    CPU TDP 14W (4-Core) server board, 4tb hard drive
  8. What does OP's operating system have to do with being unable to connect from a certain version? He just needs to join on the version his server's running for instead of the version the map was built on.
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  9. Then do you have a good backup script, if not you will regret for not using blue scripts MC if your server world gets corrupted.
    Get blue scripts rn, it's awesome. Read the desc from here
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  10. Your self-promotion has nothing to do with OP's issues :/
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  11. Man,,, I agree that it has nothing to do with op issues but why to regret later when your server crashes. And also 1.6 is really old, use 1.12-1.15. That is what I personally recommend.
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  12. Strahan


    Err.. you may want to work on that resource a bit before recommending it. It has a slew of potential issues and a lot of things that are awkward.
  13. Why not suggest anything on the support server? (despite the fact that the support server only has one member and that's me)
  14. Strahan


    I'm not that invested and I hate Discord, which is what I assume your support server is. While this is totally off topic for the thread, for your edification these are the things I found annoying/odd.
    • If you have a vanilla server and do not want it to restart after crash, the server can't start as you have it only starting if it's set to true
    • Speaking of which, you check for true but in the config.bat told people to put enabled and have that as default. Using true is better than enabled, but you must be consistent
    • Why do you even care if it's vanilla or not? I mean, I know why; so your backup batch knows to backup plugins but what I mean is just check for the existence of the plugins folder to decide. You also apparently do not support Forge as you don't backup mods or config. That'd be a good thing to add. If I were doing it, I'd have it first pull a tree on the server folder and use that to add what directory paths to backup then let the user be able to tweak that so if there are other custom things they need backed up, like a root MassiveCore folder for example, it can be flexible enough to cover that as well
    • Why are you forcing it to start minimized? That's very annoying
    • Why are you setting it green? That's very annoying.
    • I'd also skip the 10 second wait if restart is disabled; why make them wait for nothing? Same at the end of a backup
    • You aren't checking if directories are already made before creating them
    • Your backup script is assuming the primary world is named "world" and that it's not been located somewhere other than server root
    • You are duplicating effort between restart.bat and backup.bat. You should just make a "backup engine" and call that from either because if you update your process, you need to update it two places. That's not good design
    • In your restart batch you are wiping out the zipped folder. That's very bad practice. You are destroying all their backups by doing that
  15. Well makes sense... Thnx for telling me this
  16. Did you even read the thread or are you just here to push your resource?
    The OP stated, in a manner that is quite easy to understand, that they are running the latest spigot (1.15.1) and they downloaded a 1.6.4 world:
  17. I did read...