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  1. ok so im making a server and im having some troubles and dont know where to turn to ask question to get the right answers .. and server admins are not really helpful... so here i am. ok so i have aot of things figured out but im having a problem with cross world homes , i want to be able to make homes in each world and have them listed when i type /homes and it show what server has what home in it like (creative= home 1 home 2. survival=home1 home 2) and so on and so on but not exactly sure how to implement that .. second problem . i am having an issue with cross server chat . i use chat reaction , a chat game of word scramble and it does not seem to recognize any users inputs because the chat plugin i have used in the bungee-cord plugin folder supersede any other chat and it will not push the chat to the server that has the game on it so it doesn't think anybody is saying anything.. so is there any way to push the bungee cord chatting to the individual server so it can recognize users responses .. i think thats all my questions
  2. im surprised ... many lookers .. no takers.. i mean any answers would be great im kinda stuck
  3. Cross server homes i dont know if thats a plugin if it was it would have to be hooked with mysql might need to get a custom one made

    A bungee chat plugin i dont know if it does you will have to hook it up with mysql as well